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rose87 - May 8

Im four months pregnant, and i just recently moved back in with my grandparents in GA, the daddy is in FL and not terribly involved. When I came home i had no place to go and was near homeless. However I have to have a place to go and be moved out before baby comes. I have no Idea how I am going to manage. There are no good places to work where I am (little small town) and cant find a job where i can make ends meet. I am 19 and trying to get into college, but have no idea how i am going to make things work. A little help?


yungmama - May 9

At this point the most important thing to worry about is having a home for you and your baby. College may have to wait for a little while. Not that you can't go, but it may be a good idea to put it off until you are on your feet and aren't so stressed out. In the end things will all work out. Can you apply for government a__sistance and even if you have to take a low paying job until you find something better then do it. A little bit of money is better than nothing. Good Luck to you and baby! Hope everything works out!


JennyW - May 11

Hi There, There are some help out there gives you free housing and let you continue with school up to 2 years. There are a few sites, maybe you can call them and find out if they can give you some information. Good luck http://realchoicespcc.org/unplanfaq.html http://www.pregcare.com/services.html


JennyW - May 11

Another good web site in Ca is http://pccsonomacounty.org/who.htm Phone: 707-575-3429 | 24 Hour Help Line: 707-575-9000


April - May 11

Check with your county a__sistance office. You would probably qualify for all kinds of a__sistance. I know a girl who even got most of her tuition paid for, and the state also pays for a babysitter. This is in PA though, so you'll want to check with the GA a__sistance office. You might also want to make sure that the father can't file for custody in his state (not to worry you but just to be on the safe side). If you get cash a__sistance, they will most likely make you get child support from the father. When this happens, the father tends to want custody. So if he has the option to file for custody in FL, then you're going to want to file first in GA so that all court proceedings will be held in GA. I'm not saying that he CAN do this... I'm just saying that it's something you should check into. If it turns out that he CAN'T file in his state, then don't worry about filing just yet. Maybe try going to the forums on www.childcustody.org and see what they say.



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