I Feel Alone Unloved And Now Scared Help

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craigb_cailin - March 6

I need proper advice..I am not thinking straight. I am 13 wk and 4 days..not showing yet, but the father cares but doesnt want to live with me, give me financial support or be there for me..only when I visit him does he care properly..He lives in London I live in Dublin, Ireland. I have just landed a 40K perm job and have faced many hardships..due to his non-commitment..going to see my baby for the first time on a scan tomorrow morn..but am upset as every1 tells me to abort..but that is cos they cant see how he is going to be a part of the childs life..I have had this conversation with him loads of times..I know he wont do anything for me..but where does that leave me..I feel doomed..trapped in a way knowing I can do 10 times better than him but cos of this emotional tie to him I cant seem to leave him or find it in my heart to leave cos of the baby..any ideas or opinions would be greatly appreciated..am not thinking straight thanks..Barbara


Terio - March 7

Barbara, considering the circ_mstances, it's easy to see how your thinking wouldn't be clear. I think if you go back and read what you wrote, it's easy to see that you have to base your decision on the a__sumption that you will be doing this without the father. He's making his decision not to move and not to be involved. You talk about not being able to leave him.. but I think he's making that decision for the both of you.


BBC - March 13

Barbara, I'm somewhat in the same situation. I know its hard to be going through this alone. Please don't abort because this is your baby!! Just because he isn't going to be there for you doesn't mean you wont find someone that will. I have faith please have faith as well. If he doesn't want to be there for you then it's not meant to be and make me wonder what kind of man is he really?


Danii - April 3

Barbara, either way it is your decision. I don't think that it is wrong to abort if you don't feel that you can provide a safe and loving environment for your child. But I do think you need to look deep into your heart and figure out what it is that YOU truely want. It is hard to be by yourself but it is also a beautiful feeling to carry a little person. Take the time you need, pamper yourself and don't make any conclusions until your sure about what you want. Having an abortion is never going to be easy or be something you wont feel sad about-I think thats normal, just don't make a decision that you will regret or the rest of your life. Good luck xoxox



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