I Hate Mothers Day

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sara b - May 14

This is my second mothers day as a mother. My first I felt depressed because I had a 6 week old and her father wasn't there and I think I had a touch of postpartum depression. This year I have a boyfriend that I care for very much but he has no romantic side. He is very absent minded. He didn't even get a gift for my DD's first birthday. Last night we went to get the gift for his mom and I was wondering if he'd gotten me anything. This morning he got up for work and didn't tell me happy mothers day or anything. I didn't get a phone call during his lunch break and I was sure he got off work at 6 but he hasn't gotten home yet. I am thinking he took his mother her gift but he hasn't answered my calls or text messages. I find it depressing that my mom, grandma, and ex gave me mothers day gifts but my bf didn't. Also a guy at work gave me a card and candy and told me he really admired me for being a single parent and still being a good friend and hard worker. It kills me that an almost stranger understands how hard it is to balance being a single parent and work and a personal life but my bf, who I live with, doesn't. Or at least doesn't show that he understands. Am I hormonal or does this just seem flat out wrong to anyone else? Thanks for letting me vent.


Ceno - May 14

You're not hormonal. What you're feeling is justified. It's perfectly fine to be upset at your boyfriend. I'm not going to say re-evaluate your relationship, but I will say and recommend communicate your feelings to him. He may not have a romantic side, but that's something that can be worked on...especially if he feels as strongly about you as you do for him. That's minor and can be worked on. But DO COMMUNICATE your feelings...exactly how you said it here. He has to understand. If he doesn't, try explaining into further detail. But then again maybe such expressions are difficult for him. You never know until you talk it out....but even still you're fine to feel that way sara b. :-D


sara b - May 14

Hey Hannahbaby I posted this here, in infant care, and general because not everyone reads every forum. I wondered about the other single mums especially young ones and other moms in general, hence the places I posted. Sorry but I wanted to get others perspectives and posts get easily lost in the fray on these boards....


GraphxGirl - May 14

~~ HannahBaby... I think what you posted is very rude!! sara's post isn't hurting you or anyone else so why don't you just read the posts you are interested in instead of being so mean to people who are coming here for advice and support.... geez sometimes I wonder about some people !! ~~ Sara... I would feel the same way you do if someone did that to me. I agree with Ceno, you really need to tell him how you feel.


HannahBaby - May 15

Haha thats great!!


sara b - May 15

Hannahbaby, why is it great? Seriously, my feelings were hurt by what was going on. I'm a single mom with a very small group of friends, 99% of whom are males. Therefore, when I need a female perspective (especially a mother's) I come here. Is it so wrong? I really hope no one ever laughs at your questions and feelings because it doesn't really help the situation.


HannahBaby - May 16

No no no!!!! Sara i was NOT LAUGHING AT YOU!! Sorry. I was laughing because i have been on other posts where people are calling each other b___hes and whores and all that and the threads never get erased and then i came on to this one and all of my threads got erased along with the other girl who was arguing with me, funny how the moddys only seem to be on a part time basis. Im sorry if you thought that i was laughing at you i wasnt. I feel really sorry for what you went through on mothers day, your boyfriend is a jerk. Sorry for the confusion!!


HannahBaby - May 16

and happy mothers day :o)


sara b - May 17

LOL. Hannahbaby, I didn't think you were laughing at me. I was pretty sure you were laughing either at your post being removed or graphxgirl. But thank you for the apology and I know where you are coming from with the part-time moderation. I told off a person who called themselves a doctor in another post (all I told them was to not pull holier than thou bull because I'm pretty well educated) and they deleted my post. GRRRR!!!!! I know I'm totally hormonal at the moment but geesh!!! ANd thanks for the happy mother's day wish. LOL.... Byez all.



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