I Just Don T Really Care Anymore

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Italianhuney - April 12

I'm 20, he's 22 first off.. I'm about 9 wks pregnant w/ this guy i've been dating for about 8 months... he got me pregnant b4 and i aborted it cuz we broke up :( i didn't want him anymore... but now i'm pregnant again w/ his baby and i am keeping it, he is happy and everything but we fight a lot, and his additude just p___ses me off!!!! He gets in these little brat moods where i just hate him! I can't stand him, and he never gives me my alone time so he just smothers me... when he is nice.. he's really nice, but when he is mean... he is brutally selfish mean... i don't know what to do i'm not sure if i'll be happy w/ him... should i just wait to see how things go? Or be on my own??


ChannY - April 12

Well darling..I don;t know what to say but if you don't feel safe or comfortable with him, leave him..he sure does acting like a childish kid..immature most likely..but this is up to you, leave him, or else talk to him straight up as you don;t need the stress..hope everything is well..xox


April - April 13

This is tough because pregnancy emotions can mess with you. I know a LOT of girls who when they were pregnant hated their boyfriends... hahaha. I'm one of them... although I only had mine for 4 months while I was pregnant, I didn't like him for those 4 months... haha. Then after we broke up I wanted him back... go figure. What made you take him back after you guys broke up the first time? If you do feel like you want to break up with him again.. think about it carefully. Your att_tude MIGHT change after you have the baby, or it might not... and even after the baby comes... babies push some people together and some people apart... there's really no way of knowing until it happens. If what he's doing is stressing you out then I would talk to him about it and try to work something out. This is definitely not the time for you to be stressed. This is just really something you need to communicate to your boyfriend... tell him how you're feeling.. see what he thinks. You guys have got 18 years of communicating and working together.. might as well start it now :)


Italianhuney - April 14

Thanks for both of your replies. April it's nice to know someone has been there before, even tho it's not a good situation! Just nice that someone understands how it is... Anyway, The last time we broke up I know it was the pregnancy hormones because after that i wanted him back too! lol. Luckily he came back and was willing to do this all over again.. i know the hormones aren't as bad as last time so that's good... i feel bad i always call him the "most non understandable boyfriend" lol maybe i just put him down too much. I don't know. We took a break from eachother on wednesday.. then yesterday we had the most wonderful time.. i think just being around eachother too much gets really annoying at least during pregnancy... I think were going to work things out he's starting to get the hint lol thanks!!


ChannY - April 14

Oh and by the way, I'm exactly like April..I was on the of girl who hated her boyfriend *puuuke*..I was dating him for 8 months..and apparently the summer of 04 I started to lose love with him and I was sicken by him..That when I was 2 and a half months pregnant..d__nit I wish I would have dumped his a__s instead of him did it..f*cker! lol. oh well. he doesnt't have what he gavee me. i got my beautiful special baby and not him. his loss..so anyway..how's things going with you and him? xxx


Italianhuney - April 14

Channy ~ So he broke up w/ you first?? What an @ss!!!! See that's what i'm afraid of is like us breaking up and then having the baby as our connection to eachother if we break up i don't want anything to do w/ him!!! Are you guys at least friends?? How old is ur baby?


April - April 14

I know your last question wasn't directed towards me... but I thought I'd put my two cents in. My ex and I broke up when I was 4 months pregnant.. and didn't talk much at all during my pregnancy. He even got engaged to a VERY possessive girl when I was 7 months pregnant. As you can imagine, at this point I wanted nothing to do with him... ever. So later, my healthy baby girl was born... he came to the hospital and a week later visited our daughter at my house.. and that was about it. Other than the times I took her to his parents house, or to child support hearings (he drug me to court 5 times).. he didn't see her. She just turned 9 months old today and he's FINALLY coming around. Him and his fiance are no longer getting married and are "on the rocks," so I think that might have something to do with it. Anyway, for the longest time I wanted him to just stay away. I didn't want to have to deal with him. Now that he's coming around, he's so good with our daughter and that makes me feel good. I can forgive him for the past as long as he continues to be in our daughter's life (keep in mind I'm forgiving but NOT forgetting... I do not want to date him). Anyway, I think things work much better if you can be friends... and I think being friends is the best thing for the child when you can't be in a romantic relationship with the father. My whole life right now is about doing what's best for my daughter... and if that's making peace with her father, then I'll do it.


starr - April 18

Well, whatever you do please remember how STRESS affects you and your baby while you are pregnant. Stress can cause some birth defects including low birth weight. I know because my baby's father had my stress level through the roof and I also have heart complications. I just had to learn to ignore the BS and concentrate on having a healthy baby. If it gets that bad, just separate yourself if you can't get along.


Italianhuney - April 19

I'm starting to hate men!! So yesterday he tells me maybe it's better off if were "best friends" uh no... lol. He's like it sucks cuz i'm loving you and ur not loving me... i'm like it's hard u kno try having a dose of these hormones inside ur body!!! He's like i'd be the same... haha easy for him to say!! There is more to this but i think he goes on and read these, so if any1 would like 2 talk my email is... ggigante @ iso.com i put spaces cuz he can look it up online.. yea he's sneaky like that!!! I don't really have many people 2 talk to so it'd be a big help i don't really kno what 2 do!!!!!


ChannY - April 19

that's creepy if he sees what you do on internet! well add me or email me. [email protected]


SerineMali - April 29

hey italianhuney, It's funny my husband is like that sometimes. I wonder what I can possibly do. Like I'll come home after working for 15 hours at the hospital and he'll be all lazy on the couch and be pouty because he has a headache...then i make him food and he doesn't want to eat it because his head hurts.. im like I'm the one that just got home.. and I'm the one that's tired! lol he can be wonderful at times, just like your guy but I hate how he can be nice then he can be mean when he wants to be.. its like sometimes i feel like I'm walking on eggshells trying to be careful.... it kinda sucks.. but I swear guys have raging hormones too...!!!



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