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skylersmom - May 16

well, ive moved from the 2nd tri. forum, over here! me and my babys father are still living together but i have recently decided to move me and my 3 yo down to florida where my mom is (im in ny). its going to be tough because i need to sell everything in the house that is mine, including my car. he pretty much takes care of us, so i have no money. i know once i get to florida everything should be ok. my mom kind of has her own legal problems going on so it might actually be kind of hard. im scared :( im 23 and ive been doing pretty good so far giving my son a good life. i thought i was with the absolute man of my dreams. i cant take the fighting and arguing anymore. i cant stand the kind of person he is and he pretty much cant stand me. its awful. we are both way too stubborn. we have a counseling appt. coming up but i dont even want to go anymore, things are so bad between us. i just want out of here and i wish i could go now. i just want him to see that i am serious and leaving. i know i can do it, im just really sad and nervous and need some emotional support. i dont really have many friends. thanks to anyone who reads this....i just dont know who to talk to, things suck right now. i wanted the perfect family. its way too hard. i feel like his friends are more important. and he puts me down constantly.


Emma2 - May 17

Nothing is ever perfect and you are mature enough to admit youre ready to move on and do better for yourself. It will be hard and you will struggle but you will be better off in the long run if you just stay focused on your kids and stay positive. Do you still love eachother or you really hate one another?


skylersmom - May 17

thanks for the response.....we love each other alot. we just cant seem to make it work. he blames it on me being pregnant and not being 'normal'. i think hes insensitive and not there for me like he should be. i dont know. i think im just going to wait it out until the counseling appointment in a couple days before making any permanent decisions. we've been waiting for this appt. for over a month. and i knew it was going to be a rough time waiting to talk to someone. i really think thats what we need. i just cant take the arguing in front of my son anymore. he gets sad and i hate it.


LL - May 17

You’re in a tough position. If you feel there's no saving the relationship or you don't want to try and save the relationship any more then I would go ahead and distance myself from him and move on. How long have you both attempted counseling and has it helped any at all? I know the thought of raising 2 kids on your own is scary, I'm in the same boat, but you can and will do it! If you have the support of your mom that would be even better. Your man sounds immature just like mine. I can sympathize with the feelings of his friends being more important because I feel the same way. It boils down to there immaturity and whether or not you want to continue to deal with it or not. It sounds like you already know that you want to get out of the situation. Good luck to you.......you'll eventually get over him and will probably be better off.


LL - May 17

I get blamed as well for not being "normal" right now and being too emotional. Well we are pregnant and I just don't think they realize how tough it can be and how much we need support instead of criticism. I still love the father of my baby very much and I feel as if he loves me as well but we can't seem to make it work and I don't know that we ever will be able to. I commend the two of you for trying counseling. Good luck!!


frankschick2001 - May 17

No family is perfect, but I think I know what you mean when you say that. Anyway, just be strong. Get away from a man who makes you feel like c___p. He's a toxic person and no one needs it, least of all your child. You're doing the right thing. It will be hard, just be prepared and ready for some struggle at first.



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