I M 21 Pregnant From A One Night Stand

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miisskrys - September 13

i'm 21. and today and saturday and i found out yesterday that i was pregnant, about 5-6 weeks. by a man who filed my head with lies just ot get in my pants. and one night we got really drunk and he didnt pull out. NOW SURPRISE THIS... and he wants me to have an abortion because it's going to "ruin his life" and all he can do is lecture me on how this is ruining his life and how if i keep the baby he's going to join the military so he can support his kid and that i'm coming with him and that we're doing this alone without help from parents. or if i keep the baby he told me to tell him i wasnt keeping the baby so he wouldnt know i had it. so now... what am i suppose to do? he is completly disregarding my feelings. like i dont have any. and like he is the only one affected. i'm so lost. all i can do is cry. is anyone else going thru this?


MelissaP - September 14

Remind him that the sperm that created this baby came from HIS body, therefore HE "ruined" his own life...its not the child's fault. He cant bully you into going with him if he joins the military. I am sorry he is being an insensitive a__s. Listen, if he is not going to be suportive at all then you need to not waste your energy on him anymore. Focus on you and that baby and staying healthy. I know, easier said than done. If he is disregarding your feelings, than you two have no more to talk about until he pulls his head out of his a__s!


eclipse - September 14

Have you told your family yet? And you don't need him, you should never be guilted into anything, especially something as important as having a child. Remind him, it takes two to make a baby, so stop being a wuss and step up and be a man, or join the military so he can learn how!!! As for you, if you want to keep the baby, keep the baby. You can do it. It will all work out.


miisskrys - September 16

hes just being an a__s. and now what can i do? go thru alone? i know i have my family.... but to go thru this alone.. without a partner... and im only 21 and this is my 1st child.... i mean its not only changing his life... hes changing mine. i told him sunday its 100% and he was so supportive and kissed my belly and was feelin my head with so many good things. and telling me we're having a baby and how excited he was. then the next day its COMPLETELY diff he is back to the a__s again... and again wants me to have an abortion. how do i do this alone?


oct19bad - September 17

IF you chose to do it alone you can.. There is no one stronger than a women. Thats why god made us have the babies and not men.. Think about what you really want and then make your decision Screw him its not his body. Plus he doesnt have to live with killing a life for the rest of his life...


Teddyfinch - September 21

miisskrys: considering his manic nature, i'd say you'd be better off alone then letting yourself get comfortable with his lies and then letting him crush you because he's turned back into his "cla__sy" self. you can do it, girl. just like the previous poster said, that's why we women have the babies ;)


MALAYA - September 29

1st of all I am sorry that you are going through this experience without any support from the "boy" that has helped you become pregnant. Regardless if he is confusing you or not there is a baby inside you growing everday and this baby has a heart that is beating as we read/write in these forums.I have to tell you my story and hopefully you make the best decision for yourself. I am 27, I have an 11 and 7 yr old. I was 15 when I had my 1st 19 when I had my 2nd. I was 100% against abortion and kept my baby girl. I went along to get married have another child a boy. Unfortunately my marriage ended in divorce after 6 years together. I was all by myself with 2 kids to raise at only 21 years of age. Fortunately, I was blessed with a good job just 2 months after my separtion. I have always been a strong, independent woman working since I was 16 making sure I continued my education after graduating high school. Now 5 1/2 years later I meet "my dream man" and I become pregnant. One day he was the happiest man and the next I was making a HUGE mistake for keeping the baby, I went through this hell from him until I was 14 weeks pregnant and some how I made it into a clinic an aborted my baby. THIS has been the worst mistake of my life!!!! I wish I could take back that day. After the abortion he called me a baby killer and put me through more hell. I would be 19 weeks pregnant. My point of sharing this with you is no matter what he says to you, this baby is already here. Men for some reason have a strange way of expressing their emotions. You are the one that has to make a decision but take it from a woman that has had many struggles but has always made it happen. Although you may not want to do this alone just know YOU CAN!!! Life never turns out the way we dream it up to be...unfortunately there is no "perfect fairy tale" Do not let him influence you into doing something that you will carry on your concious and regret later..Be strong....if you want to chat just know I am a click away. Good luck!!


miisskrys - September 30

me and this guy had been talking/dating when this happened and now we dont talk anymore. hes ALWAYS outta town. we met up for dinner the other night and he told me we could do this and he would be here for me and he was excited... well he kissed my belly and sent me on my way. this was a few weeks ago. now he has distanced himself??? i dont understand why. he wont talk to me now??? it means alot to hear all this from yall. i'm not going to abort this baby. im now 8 weeks pregnant and this baby is on the way, him likin it or not. i've got family and friends, i just wish he'd be here



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