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Lindsay - August 15

I am 19 weeks pregnant, my boyfriend of 9 years and also the father of my 2 year old is leaving me, he did it before when i was pregnant, cheated then came back. Now its happening all over again. i know i'm a sucker for him. He promised a house to me and my kids when i found out i was pregnant, so i relied on that fact. Now everyone has turned against me, our mutual friends and his family who where like my family!! He tells them i have s_x with other guys when i haven't, honestly, he did it to get everyone to hate me, and to get everyone to think he's the victim. I've tried to get him back it's been a month now and i'm slipping into severe depression. I'm scared to seek help, afraid they'll lable me an unfit unstable mother so I keep trying to communicate with him, even offered for us to join a group to help families out, but when i try everyone attacks me, screams at me and lauhghs and he's shutting me off like i never existed! How can he do this after all i gave up for him, i was always there!!! What do i do? Someone out there please help!!!


April - August 16

Honey.. you don't need him OR his friends and family. If they'd believe you'd do something like what he's telling you... SCREW THEM. My ex tried to do that to me too. Thank God I had a friend that happened to be there a lot that would stick up for me. I think guys tend to try to ruin the girl's reputation to save their own, but it comes back to them. I had my baby a month ago and her father has seen her for 2 hours. Everyone knows how he really is now. So listen. Forget the loser.. easier said than done I know.. but you will feel soooooo much better when you do. You DON'T need him. You DON'T need his family. and you DON'T need his friends. and nobody can label you an unfit mother but you. As long as you're doing everything for the benefit of your baby (including staying away from someone who stresses you out so much... stress can cause premature labor) then nobody can label you unfit. My ex broke up with me when I was 4 months pregnant and avoided me for the entire pregnancy (he was avoiding me when we were together too). When we broke up he shut me off too. He tried telling everyone that the baby wasn't his or that I trapped him (thank God our mutual friends weren't stupid enough to believe that). He ended up making a fool of himself and he made it REALLY easy for me to get over him. I would NEVER date a guy who would do that to another girl, let alone someone who did that to ME! Let me tell you. I feel soooooo much better since I got over that loser. It took some time, I was really hurt too, but once it finally happened I felt great! So again... and I can't stress this enough... FORGET ABOUT THE LOSER. HE ISN'T WORTH IT. Good luck with everything, and I hope you make the best decision for you and your baby (and keep in mind that staying with the father isn't always the best decision... that's only a good decision if you're truly happy with the father)



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