I M I Making The Right Decision

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Princess - August 24

Hi ladies...I just found out that i'm 8 weeks pregnant for someone i consider my closest friend..during our courtship he always ask me if i'd ever have his baby and now that i'm pregnant he says that i should have an abortion since he is planning to leave the country (he's a musician) and that he's involved with someone else. I feel really hurt and disappointed in his behaviour. I'm in the middle of my degree program and i'm willing to make the sacrifice. What should i do? I keep on wondering if i'm making the right decision.. i never planned to be raising a child all on my lonesome.


- August 24

u can raise ur baby on ur own many ladys do it all the time. it hard but they do it. or u could place ur child for adoption. but remember that its ur choose and urs only good luck


nessa - August 25

i personally am against abortions..that is a sweet inncont child living insideof you that deserves the right to life....just immagine what that child might grow up to become.....in ur heart u must truley want to keep the child....sweetie dont feel alone theres always someone to talk to God will never put more on u then u can bare......


melissa - September 14

I would give anything to be in your shoes. A baby is a mircle. I know your situation is not great so either find programs that can help you and your baby out or look into open adoption and have the baby and let someone else raise it... but remain invovled with the baby.


Nicole - September 14

have you thought about an open adoption? you could still stay involved in your childs life and also you could talk and recieve letters and pictures from the family! my husband and i have been looking into adoption for some time now and would love to welcome you and your child into our loving home... i hope that you consider this option and i pray to hear from you soon. thank you very much!!! [email protected]


PJ - September 15

Open adoption sounds like sponsoring a child in a foreign country. You get pictures and letters but are not with the child every day of its life. You're not there when it speaks it's first word and gets it wrong (Da-shu for thank you) or there when he falls down after taking his first few steps and gets frustrated and holds his arms out to you. Adoption is great and has it's place - but there is a lot to be said for taking responsibility for your actions even when mr. stupid does not. Mother hood is the best thing in the world - weather you are alone or not. Know in your heart that you are never alone. There are single parents out there everywhere looking to support eachother. Funny thing about life - it NEVER turns out like you plan. That's what makes it so darn interesting! You can continue your degree program with a child - you won't be the first do accomplish it. Keep in mind that you are going through a lot of hormonal changes and are going to have doubts. You will get through it.



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