I M In Love With A Preggo Should I Tell Her

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redeem - November 8

I'm 18, she's 18, and she's having twins by her ex-boyfriend. We've been great friends for as long as I can remember. Recently I've noticed that I've been falling in love with her. I try to help her out as much as possible to help her get through such a tough pregnancy, especially at her tender age, but I've never told her how I feel. She just started her third trimester and I'm kind of worried. Could telling her I'm in love with her make things worse for her and her babies? Or is it better to tell her that there is someone who cares for her? Anyone in the same possition or have any advice for me?


E - November 8

I would wait to see how much you love her after the babies are born. You may see a side of her that you don't want to commit to. These are not your children and right now they are tucked neatly away inside of her, but not for long. Before you commit to her and start something that could ultimately devastate her if it does not work out, make sure you can handle the children. Good luck romeo:)


Meme - November 8

It depends, is she open to hearing that kind of news? If she isnt leave it alone. Being pregnant is emotional enough. If she is, this could be a wonderfull and joyous time for both of you. Read the situation and then make your decision.


ironbarkjill - November 15

mmm... i would tell her, but no pressure, a girlfriend of mine,years ago, started dating a new guy when she was pregnant with someone elses baby... she was 16 then and they were together for 6 years....


carmela - November 29

If you feel like you are ready to be a father at 18 then go for it, but other wise, wait until the babies are born and see if you can help her as a friend and really be there for her, then tell her how you feel. You have to realize that it may not work out either way, but I think if you tell her you will feel better about it. Just really be there for her and the babies will show her that you really care. All the best to the 4 of you.



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