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Heather J - August 26

I am a 21year old who is pregnant and there are two possable men who are the father. Both really want to have a child but somehow I'v missled one man and he belives it's his. And I dont want to do this. Now heres where it gets tricky...I'v had a blood test and it pretty much said that its not him... Im so confused I just told the father it wasn't his so I can make my own choices on my own, but really I can't because this man who isn't the father thinks he has a say in whats going on... I dont know what I should do... Do I tell him it's not his and tell the father it is his? But then now I'v lied to him and trust will be broken I'm so confused eather way I go the trust will fall apart I already have a son and this man has two kids of his own. Should I just keep my mouth shut and not go through with it Or Should I do this on my own? Please I need some advice


Anne - August 25

Heather I wasn't aware that you could have tests to find out who the father is BEFORE the baby is born????? I'm confused!!!!!!


SaRaH - August 25

Did you have a blood test to confirm pregnancy or to determine the father? How far are you along?


Heather - August 26

I had a blood test that counts the hormones and can kind of tell me what week i conceived its not 100 percent ....and its only really good for just before the first month


SaRaH - August 26

How far along are you? I have never heard of that test before! How far apart did you sleep with these 2 guys??


jessi - August 26

i was sorta in your situation before. i was going with this guy and i messed around on him once and got pregnant. when i told him i was pregnant he never let me finish speakin and got all happy sayin he was going to be a daddy. we lived in two different states so it was easier for me to call him and explain what happened. he still wanted to be with me but i couldn't put him through that and i dont think it was right to just forget about everything i did and have a real relationship with him. i was very immature i admit. i think you should tell the real father he is going to have a child. it isn't fair to him or the baby. it might hurt the man you already told but at least he isn't going to have to find out after he sees the baby born


JJ - August 26

You definately need to come clean. If you don't do it now, it's inevitable that the truth will be found out later. The baby also needs to know who his/her real father is - don't you think?



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