I Need Some Desparate Help And Advice

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Karen - November 14

Ok any one who wants to help me here I go. I fell in love with this guy four years ago and I got pregnant by him once and we lost our baby when I was four months pregnant. Then I was with another guy and we lost our baby at 1 month. Then fate brought me back to the guy I was engaged to and now I might be 3 to 4 weeks pregnant but here is the scary part I don't know where he is right now or wether he wants a part in his babies life and I don't know if I should let him have a part in his babies life. I don't know even if I should go for child support because he has a five year old daughter already that he doesn't support or spend time with. What do you think I should do and why?? Should I make him pay???


E - November 14

I think he should know that their may be a baby on the way and if he does not want to help pay for the child on his own, make sure he is legally required to do so. If he does not pay, he will go to jail.


Audrey - November 16

He should know that you are carrying his child. Can you get in touch with him through his parents or friends? Try to get the message across even if he won't talk to you face to face. Be positive about it and offer suggestions about what to do, if you come on too strong I'm sure he will get spooked.


bmorebabe - November 16

At this point I really would be worried that you might have trouble not losing this baby too I have a friend that had multiple miscarriages and she had to go on progesterone suppositories so that her body didnt reject the pregnancy have you been to the doctors yet? If not you really should go ASAP you probably will be considered high risk and they would want to see you before its too late. Also I would make sure he is informed about the pregnancy if possible in case he does want to be involved he deserves to be given the chance.


Karen - November 17

Thanks to all of you for your advice this is really helpful



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