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SoSadNAlone - January 23

Alright well this is my story, I am at a young age. I am with( was with) the man that loved dearly. Have been with him for over a year now. Well, we live far from each other so we have our emotins twisted in a bunch when it comes to missing each other and being jelous. Well, we had a fight about a week or so ago and have not talked since. He knew, that i was not feeling right( not that it was due to pregnancy) but left me hanging like if i ment nothing to him. He didnt call to see if i was arlight, nothing. He actually, was the one that had pregnncy at mind, but couldnt take the steop into seeing if anything has happend with that. If i recieved my period yet, or if im still feeling the same. Well now, i am a few days late. Feeling the same. Constantly having cramps but NO BLOOD. I called him up, and i left him a message( i knew that this is something that shouldnt of been said in a message but i had to get it out some how) and what has he done!?! NOTHING! He hasnt even called me back since that message to see how im doing, how im feeling, have i got any sign of bleeding, ect. What a &*^%^% a&& hole. I can not stand him what so ever. I love him and i show that i love this coward in many ways and this is what he is going to do to me. Well the thing is, i am very depressed. In a couple more days, if Aunt Flow does not appear, ia m going to test it out and see if i am pregnant or not, but i am very depressed. How could he leave me hanging by a thread like that? Almost like he doesnt care? I know that me and hm where fighting at that time that we stoped talking, but this has nothignt to do with OUR problmes it has to do with something that we might of created together and he is blowng it off like if it is nothing. I am depressed, i do not know even how to take it. Has any body been in a situation like this? Also, has any one been in a screwed relationship, but when found out pregnant, everything changed for the better? Im just so depressed. How could he do this to me!?! Act so careless and so unthoughtfull!


jg - January 23

Sorry I haven't been in your situation, but remember that your hormones are probably going crazy whether you are pregnant or getting your period, so you may feel better in a few days. Men eh!


sosadnalone - January 23

Thankx jg, but i know very well that this is not about my hormones. There are times that i am very homronal and i just want to chew someones head off, but when i am at a calm state, i still feel the same way about him. Look at what i have described, how could someone not be furious if they were in a situation like i am? He is about "PRIDE" not about being in a loving relationship. He would rather wait it out, hope that i would" kiss his a__s' like if i have done something wrong, because that makes him feel good about himself, but you know what, i have done that way to much and that is not going to happen now. He should put all his"anger"( which i dont understand that either because what i understand, its ME that was upset at his stupidty in the first place) aside and understand that this is not about our problmes but about something that we might of created. He needs to shove his pride up his a__s and deal with his responsabilitys. Ahh im sorry im just rambaling on but when guys just feel the need to "take off" that makes me so upset. It takes two to make a baby, so i believe that all the worrying and the nerviousness that i am feeling, he should be apart of it too.


jg - January 24

You're right - he has just as much responsibility in your unborn child's life as you do, and he should be taking care of you since you're taking care of his baby!! Have you ever had the opportunity to tell him all this, exactly how you feel? When he does eventually return your messages you should really tell him, and like you said don't apologise or give in because it's his problem, not yours!!


sadnalone - January 24

I have explained EVERYTHING THAT I FELT to him. I dont color coat nothing. But like i stated, hes a man about pride. Its espeically like this when he lives back to his home after spending weeks with me. He turns into this diff person when hes with me, compard to when hes not with me. I would hope to god that this relatinshiop does work, but if it doesnt work, and things stay the way tht they are, how bad they are, i am just gong ot have to let him go. Well can i ask you a question, yesterday, i didnt have any sign of bleeding, but later that night when i took a shower, i felt a little weird inside, and im sory to say, but i wanted to see if something was wrong, like if i had blood comming down but it wasnt showing throuhg since i just came out of the shower, so i inserted the tip of my finger, and on the sides of my v____a, there was cloring*( didnt look like blood, but it didnt look like it wasnt blood) it was just this odd color. It hapned once. Its not even enough to be concidered blood. It was a type of discharge that was on my finger as i inserted it in to see if i was starting my period. I thought that was the start of my period, but to turn out, that was the only sight of any coloring, what could of that been? It was a type of discharage, is that normal?


jg - January 24

how far pregnant are you? some people will still get a funny coloured discharge when their period would normally have been due, but if you aren't bleeding i wouldn't worry about it. so many weird things happen and it is hard to know what to worry about and what to ignore. as for your man, he had really better get his act together - do you think you will be all right on your own if things don't work out?



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