Is A Contraceptive Pill Detectable In Blood Tests

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sweetestchic - May 15

Hi, We are suspecting that our 15 year old cousin is taking a contraceptive pill ... which means she is s_xually active ... the whole family is against her being active this early ... does a blood test detect if she has been taking it or not? even if she has stopped taking it? or is there no way to find out .. our word against hers?


Emma2 - May 15

I think you all should mind your business and be glad shes taking control and protecting herself. People like you are the reason people hide stuff! Let her live her life...there is nothing anyone can do to stop her and you should be ashamed of yourselves!


Tjane - May 15

Just to let you know, even if a blood test would detect it, you cant just take her to the doctor and demand she get a blood test. She has privacy rights and she doesnt have to give the doctors permission to do anything to her or give results to anyone but her. Hope everything works out.


Emma2 - May 15

Yeah havent yall heard of patient confidentiality???


sweetestchic - May 15

it is so harsh of you to judge like that .. our religion puts great emphasis on this isssue .. but i wouldnt expect "people like us" to care about our kids and our religion's teachings ... "people like you" clearly have healthier relationships with their teens and NEVER have problems like these ... thanks anyway ...


Emma2 - May 16

Religion or not what you seem to be doing is controlling someones life and that is not what GOD wants. SO in reality who is the harsh one? People like me understand that everyone needs to walk their life their way and hopefully let GOD in and remember that ".. Even Out of Mess God Will Bless".....I hope and pray she is using contraceptive and being RESPONSIBLE ! Good Luck!


frankschick2001 - May 17

At least she is being proactive in protecting herself agains an unwanted pregnancy! Plus, what will all of you do, march into the docs office with her bound and gagged and force her to take a blood test? Also, God doesn't want you to force blood tests on your young people! God would probably prefer you to sit with her and talk like civilized people, not a mob of crazy fanatics.


April - May 17

Okay.... first, if you guys are worried about her having s_x you just need to sit down with her and talk about it. She'll either listen to you or she won't, but you CAN'T force her to listen. If she's taking the pill... GOOD FOR HER! I would be proud that she at least made the choice to be responsible in that way. If she wants to have s_x she's going to do it whether you guys take her off of the pill or not... would you rather she get pregnant at 15?


April - May 17

I just noticed your religion comment... haha... okay I would like to know exactly what religion mentions contraceptives? As far as I know... the most popular religions were formed before they were invented. Being s_xually active before marriage is against Christianity... but taking her off the pill isn't going to stop that. I also would like you to remember that, if you are Christian, God is FORGIVING. Your cousin is going to make mistakes. All you can do is talk to her. Teach her the benefits of waiting to have s_x. Tell her that she was smart for using contraceptives if she chose to have s_x that was VERY responsible of her. Mention that she should use condoms to prevent STDs. You can also mention that condoms don't protect you from some STDs, like Herpes, so you must be careful who you sleep with and it's best to wait until marriage for reasons such as this. The fewer people you sleep with the better. My main point: TALK TO HER before she never decides that she can't confide in you guys... and decides to get any help she needs elsewhere.


AMS82 - May 21

OMG I can't believe that you are wanting to detect if she is on the pill. If she is good for her!!! Too bad there aren't many other young girls doing the same thing. You should be thankful she's the mature one tring to protect from an unwanted pregnancy ...religion or not!!!


Remy - June 25

Shes going to do what she wants - regardless of your beliefs. If you try and force her to do otherwise shes just gonna rebel against you..



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