Is Anyone Else Dredding Valentines Day

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nikol - February 13

I just want to know if anyone else is not looking foward to valentines day. It totally sucks to be alone right now. All those adds on TV for valentines are driving me nuts. I can't help but wonder what my ex is doing and wondering if he has a date or if he even cares about what I'm up to. I wish I didn't care. I'd like to pretend that I'm a tough woman who doesn't need a man and can do it on my own but the truth is, I really miss him. It's really not fair. Our ex's should feel like c__p, not us. Can anyone else relate?


nikol - February 13

I forgot to add. It must be nice to be a man and able to move on and date other people while us preggies don't really have that option...


Sasha - February 13

I feel like c___p most of the time.... I tried being strong, but it was a lot harder than I thought. I thought he would at least call me to see how his child is doing, but no such call ever came. I guess in the back of my head I kept thinking, "everything will be very different once the baby is born." Nothing is different. He simply does nto care. Valentines Day or no Valentines Day I would feel the same.


frankschick2001 - February 13

NIKOL: Don't worry about valentine's day. It's all hype, they just want you to buy stuff! So don't give into it. Go buy yourself something! I don't blame you for missing your boyfriend. Sometimes it's easier to hate someone or be angry at someone rather than miss someone. In time, you won't care if he is thinking about you or not. Sasha says that being strong is a lot harder than she thought. That is the moment when strength truly comes in. I've had a broken heart, and you feel horrible, lonely, in the beginning, it's like you;d ratehr just go to sleep and never wake up! But it changes. I don't know how, I don't know how long it takes, but it changes. Little by little you care less and less. And then one day you wake up in the morning and it's like you're free again.


April - February 13

Last year... my boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks before Valentine's day... when I was 4 months pregnant. The day we broke up he said that we could spend V-day together at least. Well, we didn't, and he didn't even call to say "Happy Valentine's Day." Needless to say that day was HORRIBLE for me... BUT... I got over it and this year will be much better... cause I've got the cutest little valentine EVER... my 7-month-old daughter :) This year may be bad ladies, but just think about how great next year will be when you get to cuddle up with your little ones :)


sm - February 14

V day is going to suck this year... haven't even heard from the man, and i miss mine too, and do wonder what he is up to. Of course these feelings will pa__s, eventually, but it is hard to go from being in a relationship to no relationship and pregnant. Its not bloody fair, but in the end and years up the track it will be them regretting not being there for their babies, and strange as it seems to my ex, i did not get pregnant on my own. When grey hairs and wrinkles abound i will have my kids visiting, phoning etc... my ex is already over 40 and has no kids (just the one on the way he doesn't want), his loss really.


phoenix_rising - February 14

Girl, dont dread Valentines Day. If you are online then get your b___t in one of those good chatlines because in there you can be anyone you want to be. And flirt your a__s off and have a goooood valentines day,sweetie!!!


phoenix_rising - February 14

I am in the same boat as you all are. Some men use these special days to dig the knife of rejection in even further. The best answer to their vindictiveness is to have a good time. Dont feel sorry for yourself, because look around you....obviously no one else is. If you are wallowing around in sorrow, then you are only chippin away at your own self-esteem. Self-sabbatoge. Is that what you want? Do not look at being alone as a time we are regretting. Or as someone said, a "bad year". Every year that God has blessed you with is a good year. You all better remember that. Let no man make you or break you. We control our own destiny and the outcome of our own lives. It is not up to the person who chose to wrong us. If you believe that then you must agree to the sentence of misery he is handing to you. Are you going to let him be your judge and jury??? Or would you stand up for yourself and fight for your right to live a free, happy and innocent life away from the miserable one he is handing you. If misery were your sentence to prison, you would not agree with it, and you would fight. Look at this as the same way. And prove to yourself and everyone around you that you deserve the best. It builds confidence. Something that some men try their hardest to take away, and that most men play us for not having. Be better than that. Be bigger than that. Be thankful to be rid of them now, and grateful that they were quick to show their true colors. They are cowards, do not know how to be men. Examples of men who we DO NOT want to be with. They are providing you with a glimpse of the future. And love this time with yourself. Respect yourself. Learn yourself. Reflect on yourself. And Move On to better, and remember what you went thru to get you where you are when you come out of this. Thank God that he made you stronger because of this. Thank God that he provided you with this experience so that you can spot the next fool that comes along. Love yourself. That would be the best Valentines gift of all, for u and baby. Love yourself.


thailiya - February 14

valentines never meant anything to me. My dad got me a card and chocolates last night. That was all I needed, i know his love is a real !


tjane - February 14

I know what you mean. Especially with your 2nd post. I always think that about how my ex has moved on and is happy but then I remind myself he would be happy with a bag of garbage if he could stick his thing in it!!! Valentines day this year has also got me wondering if I will ever celebrate it with someone who I know is TRUE. Also though I think about all the men who are buying gifts for 2 or 3 women because they are cheating lying dogs and I am way thankful to not be in that situation. I just try to focus on my little 6 year old girl and how she is my Valentine and the new little Valentine I have on the way....


tjane - February 14

and I am also going today to have a level 2 ultrasound done and am hoping I will get a tech that is willing to give me the gender of the baby (as when I called they told me they do not).... SO Maybe today I will find out if my newest Valentine is a boy or a girl!!!!


frankschick2001 - February 14

Thaila: My dad sent me a valentines card and a check to buy something for myself. He said "it's not allowed to be used on bills". Dads usually are a girl's best Valentine!


thailiya - February 14

I can always count on my daddy ! He is the only man who has never let me down. He even got me a box of my favorite chocolate...the expensive kind. Not the $2 box from from walmart. I thought that was very thoughful.


phoenix_rising - February 14

TJane, if they do not tell you and you cannot see on the u/s screen...the next time you go to your dr's office, grab your chart if it is hanging outside your door. Or ask the dr to go over the report w/you. The u/s usually lists the s_x.


nikol - February 14

I just have to say that all the women on here rock. Thankyou for being so encouraging. Normally I would have my parents to make me feel better on valentines too but they're in Hawaii. :( Lucky them. They deserve a vacation. I'm going to try and concentrate on my ultrasound appointement tomorrow. I'm excited to find out the gender. My ex is coming with me so hopefully it turns out to be a good experience.


dalbs - February 15

I was dreading V- day, my fiancé took his life in July last year (Unaware that I was pregnant) Yesterday was our four year anniversary. Being the first one since he pa__sed it was incredibly emotional and upsetting but every time my little boy kicks its like he is reminding me that my fiancé left me with the most precious gift (the gift of life), A part of him that I will have forever.


tjane - February 15

To Phoenix Rising. I went and they would not tell me anything. They also do not give ultrasound pictures. I asked and they said they dont even have a printer. I was mad so when I left I called a place in my city called "a storks view" and they actually had an opening yesterday. SO i went and I am having another GIRL!!!! I am going to confirm this with my doctor when I go back but she said she was 100% sure. I paid $100 to go but I got pictures and a 32 minute dvd and half of it was 3d, the baby was still very skeleton like because I am only 17 1/2 weeks but I feel it was worth it. I just couldnt see having this detailed baby book for my first born with 4 pages of sonogram pics and then only having 1 picture with this baby. AND Valentines Day wasnt too bad, I got my 6 yr old a movie and a purse and she was thrilled was I!!! We are happy about another little girl!!!



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