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Name: 17 almost 18 - March 10

Is it normal to be single almost 18, and feel like you can't live your life without a baby in it? I am turning 18 this April. I used to babysit infants a whole lot, got extremelly attached to two of them. I don't see the two I got really attached to anymore because I have not seen their parents (the two babies are not related to each other though). I am guessing that the reason I feel how I do is because I got so attached to these infants and loved them as my own then I never saw them again and I want to see them again, and I guess I feel that if I have own of my own I won't miss those two anymore.... I dunno...but has this happened to anyone before? Is this a normal thing to feel after those children were placed in my life and I loved them as my own cause I babysat them sooo much, and then they were ripped outta my life just so quickly? Please help me. I have tried talking to a few people about this, but I am still confused. I have even thought about buying one of those baby think it over simulators (a computerized baby for those whov'e never heard of it) so that I can turn it off when I have things to do and it won't be so time and money consuming and easier on me....(I have nothing against teen mothers) but those are like $550 for a 1 baby, with car seat and mini care kit w/ the turn on/off thingy....But I don't have that kinda money to spare... Please Help...Sorry for typing so much.


Audrey - March 10

I think you are missing the two children that you were caring for. I watched a lot of young children as a teenager and missed all of them for a while after they no longer needed a babysitter. It might take a while for you to come to terms with your feelings, but in the end this will help prepare you for the time when you'll have your own baby to deal with. Best wishes!


Name: 17 almost 18 - March 10

To Audrey, thanks for your advice. I was babysitting this little boy from when he was about 2 weeks to nearly 8 months off and on and too much at times..nearly 3 days at a time...then I ended up losing contact with his parents. Then almost a year later, I started babysitting this little girl. She was nearly 4 months when I first started babysitting her then she was about 6 months when I stoped. Her mother got addicted to drugs and a women had called CPS on here about it, then a few days later I went to CPS with my dad and the baby, that same day someone from CPS called my house and told me to bring her in or they were going to have cops come out to my house and take her... Then her mother decided that I was no longer a friend, called me all sorts of nasty names, and forbid me to ever see her or her children again. That happend like 3 months ago...the baby is now almost 9 months, and as far as I know the mother is no longer mad at those who tried to help her. Before the CPS thing happend, Shelly (the baby's mom) had me babysitting from Thursday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon...with only having her home for like 3 hours on Sunday. That's mainly how I got so attached....she had me have her for long periods of time like that....mainly so she could go "party". I have thought about going to her house and saying hi, and explain why I had gone to CPS.....but I am afraid she might say or do something horrible. Again thanks for your advice...and since I had that experiance to take care of Jasmine (the 4 to 6 months girl) I am very good with children. My Grandmother and father say I have more experiance with babies than a 26 year old that is having their first baby. I don't think that's entirely true...but you never know.


Name: 17 almost 18 - March 13

To the last one that posted....What is your problem? I came on here to ask a question and get advice....not to be b___hed out by someone who doesn't understand my situation. I hope that you can look at things in a different point of view, and not jump to conclusions that I am lieing about this just cause you don't understand the situation, or whatever your excuse for being rude was / is.


#2 - March 13

How exactly is this too far fetched to be true? A lot of young women, (especially ones who have cared for small children), get attached. And why not? Children are precious and they fill your life with joy. A 17 year old may have the stresses of school, friends, home life...etc. and caring for a baby allows them to release their nurturing self and relieve stress. What "Is it normal..." has to realize is that caring for a baby of your own takes up all of your time. Just wait for you time sweetie! Until then, you don't need a fake baby, volunteer at a daycare or school.


Name: 17 almost 18 - March 14

To # 2, Thanks for your advidce. I know that I am not ready to care for a baby yet, that's why I am not one of those girls who are out there sleeping around trying to get pregnant. That's why I said I may consider getting one of those computerized babies. Their just like real babies only you can turn them off when you have things to get done. Again thanks for your advice. I don't know why this sounds "too far fetched" To the person that said that...but this is no joke. I am going to try and contact the one mother whom had CPS called on here...cause I have been told she has been doing a lot better and has forgiven those who called CPS. So me being on who called outta concern for her children (8yrs, 3yrs, and 9 months now) She may have forgiven me too. I will let you know more about that as soon as I try to contact her...haven't really gotten the courage to do that yet. Well I must go, God Bless.



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