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Private - May 9

I'm 6 months pregnant with my bf of 3years, but we just broke up this weekend. I know that was the last and final straw, there is not hope that him and I will ever be in a relationship. He basically cheated on me and he said his reasons for doing that was because he truely thinks that I cheated on him, so he says that he will never trust me. The woman that he cheated on me with has never cheated on him and he says that he admires that in her....Anyways, what I'm sad and scared about is that I won't find a man who will want to be with me, because who wants a woman that is pregnant or has another mans baby. I know this is stupid, but I'm scared that my chances of finding someone to love me will be so damn hard. Harder than normal. I'm so sad and I hurt every night. I hate feeling alone.


April - May 9

You know... I used to think that way... until I figured out that this pregnancy is actually a blessing. All that is going to happen is your child is going to weed out the jerks that you wouldn't want to be with anyway.. and save you a LOT of pain. There are TONS of guys out there who are ready and willing to love your child as their own, and who will also love you more than anything else in this world. You will find the one when the time is right. Just don't worry about it (I know.. easier said than done) and enjoy your new baby and just think.. someday you'll get to have that feeling of when you first fall in love with someone again! Also you would not believe how many guys think pregnant women are hot. I was surprised. Pregnant women glow, and guys pick up on that.. belly or no belly. But in your single time.. do things that make you feel good about yourself! Get your hair styled, get a manicure, enjoy being a beautiful pregnant woman :) and whatever you do.. DON'T SETTLE for some jerk just because you think you can't do better... because you can... and I believe that 100%



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