Is It Wrong To Feel This Way

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NewMom - February 5

I had my daughter about 3 weeks ago. I am basically single, livng at home with my mom. The father of my baby does stop by everyday for a little bit to see our baby, as for us, its still unclear how things are going to be because while I was pregnant we fought all the time and broke up. Well I do love my daughter but Im just frustrated with her, sometimes she has long crying spells and Im not use to waking up during the night and having to care of someone else. I now realize that I was not ready for this. Im not a teenager, Im 20 years old. And so I guess im upset because now I realize Im not going to be able to go out no more, plus im so stressed because no one is helping me take care of her, I mean yeah her dad comes by but he just comes to see her, hes not really there with her 24/7 so he can't relate. Sometimes when shes crying I just feel like giving her away so I can continue with my life the way it was before, I just can't stand her but then I feel bad for even thinking that, cuz I do love her and she means everything to me and I would die if anything ever happend to her. Shes so little and cute. I just dont know, I just get really frustrated and depressed. What do I do,,, I can't respond to this site.


tammy - February 5

hey New Mom. Yah it's hard having a baby. I was 21 when my baby was born, and even with help from my husband..... it's exausting. Especially the first month. My advice, is that you need to find new friends that are also mothers.... this will help you find a new ident_ty. Then you can share with someone in your little one's progress. If you can't keep up with your friends.... you will resent your baby..... but all of us moms are in the same boat so it helps to have some friends that understand. When I had my baby I was the only one of my friends who had a baby, and sometimes I felt like my freedom was all gone. Than I realized that that was ok, and found other mothers to fellowship with. I hope this helps. You also might consider some spiritual support.


Jen - February 7

You are very, very normal. Having a baby is hard and you are doing all this bu yourself!! You will be okay and the baby will get easier. I know it seems never ending now but it will be okay and you will love your baby. Let me know if you wanna chat on im


cheryl - February 9

You might want to consider open adoption that way you can continue life as a young person but still be a part of your childs life and watch her grow up. If you want to talk email me [email protected] or you can visit this site



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