Is There A Possibility Of My Becoming Pregnant

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priti - August 22

i did not have s_x,but while sucking my male partner's p__s some sperms & the liquid part that comes out before the sperms went inside my mouth,this thing happened twice. is there any chance of my becoming pregnant because of it?


HB - April 20



jls - April 25

There is no chance at all that could get you pregnant. I would HIGHLY advise you to education yourself more about how your body works before you continute with any kind of s_x with a man. Pregnancy is not the only thing you have to worry about. S_xually transmitted diseases are carried through oral s_x!


<><><><><><><> - May 15

Did you not take s_x ed????? the only chance you could get pregnant while doing oral is if the sperm comes in contact with your vagional opening, Then there could be a chance it would be low...but any contact with sperm to a vagional area is possible but nothing taken by mouth...LMAO


<><><><><><><> - May 15


Give your head a shake - May 16

DID you not take s_x education? In order to get pregnant sperm has to make PHYSICAL contact with you vagional opening.....maybe during oral if you got some down by your wahoo there could be a chance but that is very slim unless your dating a man with super sperm....I suggest you go to the local library and get a book on s_xual education and do a little reading or you might get yourself in a little trouble with your lack of knowledge....Pregnancy isn't the only risk....ever hear of STD's, AIDS..............


mm - June 26

word of advice, if you don't know anything about it, then don't do it!


j - July 6

not possible. the pre-ejaculate does contain sperm but the sperm must travel into the fallopian tubes and fertilize and egg for pregnancy to occur.


SaRaH - July 7

Yall know the bad thing about all of this is that she is probally serious! There are so many misinformed teens and younger that have no idea what they are doing but they ARE doing it!! This is a shame and there is NO way to stop it!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! Everyone just also know that talking to children cant always be the answer! But teaching them a lesson can be a great way to get the point across! My little sister is 14 her 14 yr old friend has a 2 yr old! she is NOT allowed to leave the house without that baby! She goes to school and after that she is home or if not the baby is with her! I think that making these kids face the concequnces of teen child birth! Sorry to go off but d__n!!


unk - July 12

She wasn't educated, don't judge her, she came here for help. I agree, you should get educated though. No, there isn't a chance though, it must go through your v____a. Please, keep your mouth where it belongs, especially if you don't nothing about s_x.


aj - July 22

haha, i'm so sorry to laugh at this, but noooooo you can not get pregnant by oral s_x


loli - August 11

if i had made love to a man will i be pregnant ? not any sperm comes out.


Tiffanyf - August 13

There is no way you can get pregant with sucking your male parenter so suck away the only way to get pragnt is threw conception p___s and vigna i should no i am pregant and i did a little more than suck


m - August 16

NO how old are you? you don't need to be doing s_xual acts if you don't know the answer to that.. I think your full of it.. Good Gosh get some education before you go and do s_xual things...


brucen - August 16

Although you cant get pregnant this way, you CAN get an STD. WRAP IT UP, no matter where you stick it!


Angie - August 19

When giving a b__w job and your mate comes in your mouth and you spit it in your hand and then accidentally touch your v____a what are the chances of pregnancy


lord - August 22

no there is no possible way



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