It Is No Fair

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ginger - March 3

My son is a month old, his father left us after 8 years because he needed time. He has been gone for 4 months. We also have a six year old daughter together. What really makes me mad is I take care of the two kids 24 hours a day seven days a week. Then he comes and takes my daughter out for two hours a week and buys her candy and toys. She thinks he is just great. When she is sick or has a go to the hospital he is no where to be found. In a month he has only seen his son five times. When he does come to see his son he spends more time tring to get into my pants. I have not givin in because I know he just wants one thing. He is out having a great time, while I sit around the house caring for his kids. It's not fair. Is there anyone eles out there that feels like this?


April - March 3

YES... I think a lot of us do. During my whole pregnancy I was worried about my ex making all this money and showering our daughter with gifts and him looking like the hero. Thank God it hasn't worked out like that so far, he's not even around. I haven't even heard from him in 2 months. (Our daughter is 7-months-old). BUT... even if that had happened, I've come to realize that our daughter would eventually figure out what he was doing. Gifts don't mean the most... time, love, and devotion do. Eventually your daughter will grow up and see what a jerkwad your ex has been to you, and your son will as well. Another thing that bothered me was that I've had to sacrifice soooooooooooo much for my baby girl... while my ex has sacrificed literally NOTHING. The only thing in his life that's changed is that he has to pay child support... It's sickening. If he had to walk just one day in my shoes he'd probably have a nervous breakdown. Those kinds of men couldn't handle our jobs anyway... good ridence. I'm really proud of you that you're not giving in. You're one smart lady.


frankschick2001 - March 7

GINGER: Your daughter may see him as the greatest thing right now, but that is because she is still just a baby and they don't know any better yet. BELIEVE ME, as she gets older she'll realize that it was YOU who did all the hard work and deserve all the credit and that her dad only gave her a few measly hours whenever HE felt like it, and she'll see who the real hero is in this equation. Coming from a single parent household, believe me, I know. My father would visit every so often, call, and take us for two weeks during the summer. We thought the world of him. He would take us places and we would have so much fun for those two weeks. He would never yell at us or discipline us in any way. But now that I am older, I see just how easy he had it and how hard it was for my mother. I still love my fahter very very much, but compared to my mother.......well, there is no camparison.



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