Just Need Advice From Someone Who Has Walked In My Shoes

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Delia - July 13

So..I am 29, well-educated, with a great job. I had a one night stand, used a condom, but now eight days later I am having pregnancy symptoms. I only know the guys first name, great right, and he lives in another state. I am just not sure what to do if I am pregnant. Please anyone help!!


Emily - July 13

Well i am not sure if you can do this in your case but i had a relationship with this guy who i find out later is married and i come up pregnant so i went to the previous place he stayed and stole some mail from the mailbox and went to the attorney general so they could track him down.


bean - July 13

Delia - first of all, don't stress until you know for sure. Early pregnancy symptoms can mimick AF symptoms, and can also be simply brought on by stress. Don't forget stress can make your AF late. So my advice is just to relax, wait it out. You probably have at least a week to wait. As early as 4 days before AF you can get an hpt such as First Response. I just wouldn't stress until you know for sure - it's not worth it. And certainly don't consider mail fraud like Emily suggests - not yet anyway! :) Good luck!


- July 13

what AF


kellyandbeth.com - July 15

Delia, Bean is correct, the first and most important thing to do is to find out if you are pregnant. Once this has been established it is time to move on to your plan. It sounds like you may have to do some soul searching on your own in this case but you are 29 and well educated so I know you can do it. There are really only three options to consider, parenting, abortion or adoption. These are difficult choices that only you can make. No matter what you decide to do, be true to your heart and you can not go wrong. We wish you (and your baby if applicable) the best of everything and hope you can come to a decision about the future that brings you peace. I can't help you with any sites regarding parenting or abortion but if you would like to start gathering information on adoption should you decide that route, you can visit our web site at http://www.kellyandbeth.com here you will find information about us and open adoption. Again we wish you all the best Delia. kellyandbeth http://www.kellyandbeth.com



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