Just Recently Found Out Im Pregnant

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sad eyes - March 25

i just recently found out that im pregnant. when i told my boyfriend he told me to "git rid of it" i was so hurt and mad that i couldnt even say anything. then i tried to get him to talk about it and he just changes the subject and wont talk about it. he acts like its a piece of trash tell me to get rid of it. he didnt even ask me how i feel about it and i dont think he really even cares.i have not told anybody but my boyfriend that i am pregnant so my family does not know yet. I really want to keep this baby it is a part of me. I would really appreciate any advice on this. thanks for taking the time to read this.


Karrie - March 25

Unfortunatly this type of situation happens all to often these days. Even to those whom plan the babies. Personally I feel you should just ignore your bf, leave him if need be. You should tell your family about your pregnancy, and hopefully they will be supportive towards this, and help you out. I wish you the best of luck. God Bless, and try hard to keep you and your baby safe and healthy.


maya - March 25

u should stay strong and hang in there . u have 2 feet to stand on and u don't need him. u can take care of that baby if u believe in urself. congratulations


Mystie - August 12

I think that you should definitely let your family know so that they can help you throughout the pregnancy and new baby once you give birth. If your boyfriend just ignores your attempts to try and talk to him about it. take a more direct reponse to him saying that your keeping the baby and you'd like to still have him in your life(if its true). Being pregnant is a time to celebrate and hopefully he will want to keep you in his life as well and will be more open to the idea. good luck. hope everything goes well for you.


Trin - August 16

Hi, My dear, i am just in the same situation like you. My b/f even told me he will not be part it if i decided to keep it. well, i decided to keep my baby with the advise from this fora, i talked to him yesterday now he is saying he will not abandon the baby when its born but that he will not be part of the pregnancy. I asked him how does he expect to have a baby without a pregnancy, i just ignored him. I know it will be difficult without support but i am ready to go all the way alone, i am yet to tell my family. My advise, KEEP YOUR BABY and ignore him.



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