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abortion or keep help!! - May 14

i never finished university i am 10,000$ in debt from student loans, and found out i am preg, i do wrk f/t but have been deliquent on my pymnts. i want to keep this baby but i am wondering what kind of future will i give this child and my self, should i abort?, i defintley do not want to adopt, it is out of the question, will i be wrong for keeping the baby being in this finacial situation? the father of the baby is not arnd bu said he will hlp out finacially, he also has other children.


April - May 14

Don't worry.. I'm 23 years old, $16,000 in debt.. and unemployed. I'm also 7 1/2 months pregnant. Are you in the US? because if you are, there are government programs that can help you financially and medically. I would either talk to your doctor about what programs are available to you, or call your local a__sistance (welfare) office. I'm currently on medicaid.. they pay for all of my medical bills, and WIC which helps pay for some of my food. I am also applying for cash a__sistance since I don't see anyone hiring someone who is 7 1/2 months pregnant, and jobs are hard to come by in my area (everyone is laying off and factories are shutting down). Don't get an abortion if you want to keep the baby. You will regret it for the rest of your life. Even with your current financial situation, things will get better, and don't be ashamed of getting government help.. that's why we've paid taxes... might as well get some of that back since you really need it. Also factor in the child support, and talk to your friends and family and see if they have anything that they don't use anymore that you could use. I lucked out, my sister had a baby girl a year and a half ago... and now I get all her hand-me-downs... I have hardly anything to buy. And since I'm b___stfeeding I won't have to buy formula. So all I'll really have to worry about are diapers, wipes, bath stuff.. etc... So anyway, I think you can do it, and your baby will be sooooooo worth it.


laura - May 14

sounds good i think i wil try to apply for rent geared housing, and i live in canada, i am 4mths preg. i am just really scared i am 24yrs old and have never lived on my own.


amanda.d - May 16

Where in canada do you live?You can get subsidised (sp?) daycare, help with your rent, housing, etc.


laura - May 16

Amanda yes i live in ontario, i am getting subsidized housing. do u live in Canada?


amanda.d - May 16

Yes laura i also live in canada, i live in sask.Try checking in with your local social services and see what they offer health care and child care wise.Also look into your local gov't and see if they offer some sort of employment supplement.Hope this helps.



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