Leaving Him

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Belle - March 1

Me and the father of my unborn baby are seperating...we love each other but we just can't be together anymore...too much has happened and neither one of us trusts the other, so we decided to seperate and remain friends...we currently live in NY but since were seperating I'm moving back to TX, that's almost 1800 miles away... He said h__l be there for me financially until I give birth and can go back to work and h__l fly down when I'm giving birth to be with me in the delivery room... I love him very much, but I know this is for the best, and at some point I saw it comming, I just wish it would have happened differently and at a different time...but how do I deal with this? I'm not only thinking of me...I'm thinking of my baby...one day I have to get up and explain to my child why it doesn't have a father figure...what do I say??? I'm so afraid that my kid is going to blame me for never giving them the chance to experience living with both parents...what if he doesn't end up being involved like he promised he would?


strongperson - April 1

I understand your situation Belle. Infact it resembles mine as well. You should do what is going to allow you to be the best mother you can can possibly be to your little one. Your kid WILL understand especially if they see you being the best mother you can be. IMO they will be more likely to NOT understand you depriving them of YOUR best SELF. I'm not sure if you believe in a higher power but I believe that everything happens for a reason and God will definitely lead you in the right direction. Try not to waste your time pondering over whether "the father to be" up holds his end of the deal. The only person you can control is you so just follow your heart and do your best to make your unborn baby the happiest, healthiest and most loved child you have ever seen.


Danii - April 2

*Belle* I sympathise with you greatly. I also recently seperated from the father of my child. We still love each other (me more so than him) but circ_mstances meant it was best to part. I struggled with it a lot and am also moving far away from him. I do worry that he wont be there as he says he will but I agree with *strongperson*, you have to be the best you can be. And i a__sure you your baby will be a lot better off with the best of you than two parent being unhappy and only staying together for his/her sake. Also have faith in the love a man can have for his child. In the mean time love yourself and pamper yourself. Do things that make you laugh and try to surround yourself with beautiful people. I'm not going to say it wont be hard, cos it is but its also wonderful and beautiful. Goodluck



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