Lie Detector Tests

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Fed UP! - May 17

Has anyone taken on of these before, for a personal reason? My boyfriend honestly believes 100% that I've cheated on him at least twice by sleeping with two different people. One of these people is his friend, they're no longer friends because my boyfriend seriously believes his buddy slept with me. NOT TRUE! neither is the other accusation. I can't seem to make him believe me, it's been almost a year now and still to this day he says he's 100% sure that it happened. I'm getting really sick of this, he's called me names like "s___t" and says I'm "easy" because I was apparently pursuaded into sleeping with these guys. Not only is the name calling bothering me, but I'm pregnant and our relationship has crumbled because of this. He's already gone out and slept with someone behind my back, because he thinks that if it was okay for me to do it, why can't he. It's making me SICK to my stomach. What I want to do is find somewhere to take this test, wrap up the results in a pretty box, give it to him as a present (maybe bday) and make him feel like a freaking idiot he is. Oh...btw, I'm in Canada B.C. Just wondering if anyone knows if this is possible and where I should go to look into this.


SM - May 17

In my opinion, he seems to be accusing you of cheating, just so he can go out and "get you back" and find someone to sleep with. There is no trust in your relationship, and if I were you, I would either break off the relationship or I would invest in some serious counseling time. You also are putting your health at risk, if you continue to sleep with him, while he is having s_x with others. Good Luck.


amanda.d - May 17

Seriously call The Maury Show. Or check with your local police dept., then leave the fink.


April - May 17

haha... I was gonna say the Maury Show too... he does lie detector shows all the time... I agree with SM though... usually when someone accuses you of cheating, it means they already are (unless of course they've heard a rumor and are just asking you about it) but him cheating on you to "get you back" is NOT an excuse for cheating and should NOT be acceptable. I dated a guy for 2 years who cheated on me the whole entire time (I was too stupid to break up with him) but I never once cheated on him. Two wrongs don't make a right. I suggest you leave the jerk and go find someone worth your time. Oh... and SM was also right about you putting your health at risk... 1 in 4 people have an STD.. if he is sleeping with other people while he is sleeping with you, he could easily get something and pa__s it on to you, and that's scary.



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