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mickey87 - October 13

alright so lets see I have a 2 year old son and im 21 years old ..Im not with the father anymore but he was here awhile ago to see my son and well I got pregnant ..I just found today that I am and im really confused .I dont know what to do he just tells me to do whatever I want but i could really use some advice so any helpful advice would be very appreciative:)


jstar - October 17

First I would like to congradulate you! Being pregnant is a beautiful thing and a child is such a blessing, whether planned or not. However, I know that this must be stressful on you. Have you told him yet? Do you have family or friends around for support? Although it will be hard, women are stronger than ever these days and it is totally possible to be a great single mom and support your family. Get yourself to the doctor, start taking prenatals, and take it from there. There are many programs available to help you out, just do some research for your area and check it out. Good Luck to you and keep us posted.


socurbaby7 - October 17

it's up to you what you do hun... but i mean make sure that the father is supportive and will be around... the way u make it seems is that he's not really there for his son... and just make sure that he is going to be there for his kids or he is supporting you... dont be going through this alone...


mickey87 - October 19

hesnot really there a whole lot he lives 6 hours away and works a whole lot. he cares alot for his son and misses him alot becuz he doesnt get to see him awhole lot ...so hes obviosuly not going to be there for me during my pregnancy and not a whole lot after.. I dont know if I can do it a 2year old and a newborn ...my mother will help im sure and my sister too but still wow....the fathers actually being a real jerk about the whole thing ..the only thing i dont need to worry about is the money situation really...sigh.stressed.



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