Love Hate Relationship

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Brittany - November 3

okk..well first off im 16 years old and 4 months pregnant!im very happy about the pregnancy..and by the way im having a girl!well im here because i guess im going to be pregnant and single.the thing is i can NOT stand my boyfriends family the all take his money and are all b****** (sorry) and he said he cant be with me if i cant respect his family so i dont know what to do he has all the money he pays for everything its like soo hard i feel like i have no life without him,I never thought i would be depending on a boy,but i guess i was wrong.well let me just get to the point,do you think i should just move on and worry about my baby or try and make things work??


MISTY - November 3

First of all... does he treat you good? If you are honestly not happy then move on and worry about your baby/ where does he stand on the family issue? I hope to hear from you soon. Please keep us posted on whats going on.


Miya - November 4

Whats wrong with his family that you can't respect them? If you want to be with him you have to be nice to his family,if not it looks like you might be a single mother at 16. :-o


misty - November 4

brittany~ how are things going? I hope things are good for you and baby. Trust me I have been in the same boat as you are right now. Even tho I could not stand his family I so put up a front and got through it. To this day I really dont care for his family but I am not really around them at all. So when I am I just stay quiet and all is well. If you love him just try to put a front on and even tho it will be nerve racking just try..... If you need to talk you can e-mail me @ [email protected] good luck


Brittany - November 4

Thank you all for your help!Yes he does treat me right,he does everything for me AND my mom,its just it seems like his family takes advantage of him,they always want him to pay the bills,the groceries and everything else and if he says ya know ill help i just cant pay it all they get mad,or if his mom askes him for 20 dollars or something and he says oh i only have 10 she throws a fit.It seems like they have the mother and child thing mixed up.well im going to try to work things out with him AND HIS FAMILY =( its the best thing!but again thanks alot


misty - November 4

brittany~ That is a good thing! I hope it works out for you and him...And as for his family I hope things change as well. Keep us posted. And again good luck....



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