Married Just Not To Me

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new_momma2011 - July 6

Okay, believe it or not, this is the short version. My last period was March 31, 2011. About mid-April (15th or so) I was with a man named David. We were dating and happy and yadda-yadda. But I'm young, it turned to be a fling. No big thing. Then I missed my period that month. Uh-oh. We got into it, me explaining that he was the only man I'd been with since my last period. My first doctor's appointment rolled around and he confirmed that yes, I was indeed pregnant and got pregnant at the very beginning of my ovulation. So there, I thought, proof that I'm not lying. Then came my first ultrasound. Youch...turns out I'm about 2-3 weeks farther along than the first doctor thought. (Switched hospitals). Hmm, funny thing was, I wasn't with David then. Then I was with Zach. A complete douche bag that used me as the otehr women. (No I did not know) Once I found out he was not single, we split. Now, he's married to her. David isn't the father and is completely relieved of that fact. (He had a good heart about it. Now he is there for me. Now that its not his. LOL) I'm about to ruin a marriage. I know he cheated, but it was just a memory, now its permanent. And Idk, maybe its because I'm really not a mean person and maybe the times my grandma dragged me to church something sank in, but I feel awful and embarrassed. I got my baby Daddy messed up. I feel dirty. :/


Grandpa Viv - July 8

This sounds like the confusion that arises when doctors say "You are seven weeks pregnant" when they really mean "It is seven weeks since your last good period. In fact, the ovulation that got you pregnant was 2 weeks after the period started, and conception was only five weeks ago. Clear that up with the nurse in the doctor office, preferably with David listening in. Your last fling with Zach was before your March 31st period. GL!



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