Me My Unborn And The No Good Baby S Father

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mary - September 6

I'm 7 weeks pregnant and my baby's father is now acting funny. Last year I was pregnant by him but I had a miscarriage. After the miscarriage he wanted soooo bad to get me pregnant again, and now that he has suceeded things are changing. We use to spend time together, nights together but now all he wants to do is go out with his friends and gives me no time at all. He feels that we spent so much time together before that it shouldn't matter if we're spending time now. But I feel that we should time more than any other time because im pregnant. I kind of think it's because this is not his first child(this is # 3 for him) he's not so interested in this baby coming as I am. Whats confusing to me is that he was the one trying so hard to have this baby. Now we do nothing but argue and it's not good for me seeing as Im in the most critical part of being pregnant. I do not want to have another miscarriage because he wants to act a fool. What should I do. Should I take time away from him while Im pregnant, work it out, or leave him alone all together.


Anne - September 6

I'd leave him alone. Sounds like he has other things going on anyway.


Monique - September 7

I'm sorry this is happening to you but please remember you and your BABY come first. Stressing out is really, really bad for the baby. My opinion would be to take time away--some PEACEFUL time--focus on the baby. If you want to work it out later, fine. But right now that life is too precious! Good Luck!!


New2Motherhood - September 7

Mary, first of all congrats on the pregnancy!!! Second of all you are already heading in the right direction just by questioning putting up with his behavior. To often we ignore things we shouldn't because we don't want to have to make the hard choices that lie ahead. "MEN" WHO DON'T MAKE THE BABY A PRIORITY DO NOT DESEVERE TO BE A PRIORITY! And at this point the babies well being is a direct result of your well being. Causing you to pay attention to him and his whereabouts is a poor start to making the baby a priority. My situation is VERY different in many ways but...yet the same in the fact that we have a baby that needs to be taken care of every day for years to come and that child deserves 100% commitment. I was very hung up on the fact that there needs to be two parents and what was I going to tell my baby if I actually was the one choosing to not let her father be around? But with some time and support from those around me I realized that me being there for her 100% is far better than the two of us giving her only half. And that is how it would be too. I could see it in my future and I see it all around me with friends, TV, who don't pull there weight and the woman who spend half there time worrying about the man not pulling his weight. I refuse to find myself being short fused with my daughter because Im stessing out about what her "dad" is up to. My daughter deserves better and so does your baby! It isn't easy to let them go but it is necessary! Good Luck and best wishes sweety!



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