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dani-elle19 - December 17

he moved out as i said before and i moved home, i am still really sad crying every night cause i wanna be together soooo bad. well everyone has been telling me stop texting him everyday stop calling he said he wanted his space and needed time to get his head on straight so if he wants to talk he'll call if he wants to see u he'll tell u. so its only been 2 days but he called and i acted all peachy even though i was really sad and it was a quick 2 min. convo but then we both said by. normally id text and text and text but i didn't i didn't text at all. so the weirdest thing happened and i need advice im confused. last night i got a text at 10 30 saying hey. i was like huh? but i text back hey. then two seconds later my phone is ringing and it is him. weird... so i was like h__lo and he said hey whatcha doin. i said just about to take my prenatals and layin in bed what are you doing then he said well i just woke up and i was thinking about you so i decided to call you. (i was like screaming inside) and then we went on talking and talked for an hour and 2 min. then he was like hey im gettin tired again and i was like ok and then we both said bye. this morning i woke up to a text saying feeling okay? (i don't know what that is supposed to mean unless he's talkin about my cold) but i said ya...u? and he didn't reply. so he called you think things will work out.???


Baliezer - December 17

It's funny how guy's work. Chase them or give them too much attention and they will run away. Act like you don't care, or stay busy, and they start chasing you. Keep busy don't contact him and see what happens........


newlywed0915 - December 18

he's definitely thinking about you...and checking tomake sure you aren't sick. Which shows he somewhow cares. Maybe he's read about morning sickness? Keep doign what youre' doing. Give him time and space. I think it may turn out okay.


lastchance - December 18

Its true for women too.... hate to call it the game of love, but... I am not sure what else to call it... even in a strong relationship, husbands and wifes seem to do the same thing... If the man gives the woman too much attention and never gives her space she will start to feel like there is nothing to fight for, or feel smothered... (he loves her too much.) *We all wish, right?* .... men understand and abuse this, because they know that if they act uninterested it activates something inside us that makes us want to fight for them... its funny that they use this tool, but would never believe that us women can figure out how to use it ourselves... When DH starts to act like he is about to be in a bad mood, even before he says something or does anything that suggests that he needs space, I switch from loving to.... I have my own things going on... and he seeks out MY love instead of me seeking out his and being rejected because he is not in a cuddly mood... Its funny, because earlier in the relationship I would not have recognized his signs and wold have been all over him and received the "I am not in the mood." before he knows, that I know he is not in the mood to be cuddly, I throw out the "I don't need to be cuddled." and it drives him wild... I guess we all want what we cannot have.... and for men, it drives them wild...


pfcwife - December 20

listen continue doing what you have been doing as hard as it is to do... give im his space, when its time he will come back... but you have been doing great from what i just read.. keep moving forward with you life and show him with him or with out hm you can make it.... it will be hard but then after a while you will notice you dont really need him ..


dani-elle19 - December 22



becy22 - December 22

hey dani... i read ur story and i was like wohh.. same thing is happening with me and my fiance. im 4 and half months pregnant. i dunno what it is but distance and time makes the heart grow fonder. i say if this is the man u want then dont give it up, but at the same time... dont loose the women u are. be strong and independant and tell urself im an a beautiful strong women and this aint gonna bring me down. for some reason men between the ages or 20 and 25 go threw a freak out stage as they call it. they examine there life and decisions about what they do and dont want. dont take it personally. just take some time and space for urself. dont give him the space give it to yourself. quit the games.. if u wanna message then message. dont be over the top but at the same time u do what ur heart tells u. and if he wants to be with u then that has to be his choice. not forced... at the end of the day id rather be alone then with someone who only half want to be with me. .. good luck babe! sure ur girl will be amazing and bring so much joy!!


becy22 - December 22

sorry that was a bit long... one more thing.. ask urself what do i want?. what do i want in a partner. and when u can answere that then ask urself. .. does this man fit in with who i want to be with. its just something to think about. everyone spends so much time changing themself so other like them.. pretending to be happy .. not messaging and calling.. or making and doing thinks for them when they do nothing in return.. time is so short and ur blessed with such a precious gift.. id sayur man is just going threw life changes and choices about what he wants... but let him come to u.... if he wants u he will chase u. and hell ur worth the chase right?. he has hurt u and he needs to make up for it .. ne ways last message promise good luck


Teddyfinch - December 23



dani-elle19 - December 23

Thanks becky good outlook!! yeah i have been changing my thinking from why doesn't he love me to why won't he hang out with me to fine.. don't wanna hang out with me spend time with me and when she comes our baby then its his loss and he doens't deserve that


pfcwife - December 23

men for some reason are idiots.. thats why we are stronge independant and can make it on our own.. you will be ok with him or with out him.. leave him be if it was meant to be he will come back but by that time i think you would have already decide you are better with out him... you deserve the best dont let no man make you think there isnt some one who would treat you like a queen and love you that way... and there are men out there who would love you and your child like you were his family he made himself.. good luck and keep your head up



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