Moving Back Home

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April - November 3

I am well into my second trimester and am completely worried about living on my own and raising a child! I will soon have the option to renew my lease at my apartment or move back home with my mother. Will she drive me nuts? Or will I need her support enough to tolerate grandma around 24/7? Is it worth giving up a life on my own to move back home? Please help!


anita - November 3

depends how much you can stand being around your family. personally, my family is pretty supportive and i wouldn't hesitate to move back home, but if you don't have a healthy relationship w/ them it might not be worth it. i think it's good to have your family there to help you during your pregnancy. its also nice to not be stressesd out about bills. will your mom help w/ childcare. also look at it this way- maybe you can save up money during the pregnancy, to buy extra baby stuff or put you a little ahead financially whenever you move out again.


Miya - November 4

Dido,what she said!


... - November 20

I ended up moving home til I could get on my feet. My mom began raising my child and now I have a new brother instead of a son. We get into big fights over this issue. I am trying my hardest to move out.


kim - November 20

I agree with the last person. don't move back home. the cheap room and board is not worth the aggrevation of your mom telling you how to raise your baby, how many mistakes your making in other words not doing things her way, or being made to feel like you are the nanny or worse yet a surrogate mom for her baby. the only way to have a normal grandma is let them do it from afar. and just because they are supportive apart doesn't make family supportive under the same roof especially if circ_mstances are questionable. good luck.


ss - November 21

why don tyou renew the lease on your apartment and invite your mother to stay with you a little while after the baby is born. So you still maintain your independence and shes there if you need her?


andrea - November 28

I am 8 months pregnant and my sons father left us early on. He is now living with someone else and I couldnt afford to pay the mortgage and car all by myself with a new baby coming. I have a very supportive family and moved back temporarily until I can get back on my feet. If this is your first child it might be nice in the beginning to have your mom around to help out. If things get too stressed, just look for another plave to live. By not renewing your lease you can move home, see how things go, save money, and move out to anothet place when needed. That is my plan as I sold my house 4 months ago.



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