My B F Left Me Prenant For His Ex

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Sorrow - December 30

he doesn't want to hurt her but he is hurting me. I am having his baby and less than a year ago he was crushed when she aborted his baby. Now he is with her and still sleeping and planning on being with me or so he says. should I just forget about him? he says he wants to be a family but he isn't around enough and his actions speak louder than his words


Ronald - January 19

What is your problem or question ? I think your "boyfriend" is a "nobody" and a selfish person. Write him and ask for an answer ! then you will know what he thinks.


tara - January 19

If his actions are different from what he says then tell him it's time to say good bye. He can't have his cake and eat it too! sleeping with 2 women while one is having his baby and the other is just who knows what? I know i could not stand for that and I would leave....That's just me though. I do know a girl who is in a similar situation (but her son is 3 years old) and she is okay with the way things are because she is seeing other men too. So they are raising their child together but seeing other people as well. It works for some just have to see what you want and go with that.


Sorrow - January 21

Well my problem was apparent. I was just looking for maybe some advice and support. We have decide to get our own place together- away from this town-away from her. I think he has finally come to his senses and realized what is important to him.


minnie - February 4

FORGET him baby find you another man he aint all that


Lucero - February 11

Look I know what you'r felling. I'm pregnant right now and was going to get marry, but he whent back to his ex.He still call's. People like that don't know what it is that they really want. One min. you the baby the other her. Look thing's aways happen for a resson. God give you this baby so try to be happy. I know is hard, but you will be ok. I'm 18 Years old and miss him more then ever, but his not the father I want for my baby. You will know when your ready to lett him back in your life as just a friend or more. Make sure that your mind and your hart are felling the same way. Sometimes I fell like I'm all alon, but know you have a baby now. If his doing this now what make you or for that fact us that they will change. If your still cry i't time for same thing different. Wish the best .


gina - April 2

wel same situation alittle different i was w/ him had an abortion, because his ex was pregnant too. he claims he is not w/ her now the babies 5monthes and i am pregnant again, there is no way i am aborting, he wants to have nothing to do with me, any help i feel so hurt and confused,


?? - April 16

can u say loser why waste ur time he obviously still has feelings for the other girl, u r having his baby now, focus on ur self and ur baby , regardless he is going to be arnd u have his child.


MARI - April 18

Even you know the answwer to this tough situation... actions speak louder than words and my babys dad says the same things all the time but then disappears for weeks at a time... it got to the point where I WONT let him come back whenever he wants and he will NOT cause my little family (me and baby) so much stress and instability



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