My Baby Dady Does Not Want The Baby

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determined - September 5

we were seeing eachother about two years nothing consistent but respectful always used protection and after not seeing eachother for about 6 months we had s_x we did not use a condom. he told me he could not have babies a year ago so i wasnt scared of getting pregnant now iam pregnant and he tells me a girl he metioned before is his fiance and pregnant too. never told me he was ingaged before he wants me to lie about him being the father and told me to leave him alone im hurt. confused dont want to hurt no one but dont want to be disrespected either how should i handle this sitiaution he indirectly threatened me if i tell not scared but still dont know how to deal


me - August 17



alyssa - August 18

i have a good friend who is in the same situation- her baby daddy is married to another woman. she has had two abortions and this time she says she can't do it again. it is not your fault so you shouldnt be ashamed or try to hide it. he needs to be responsible for his actions. hopefully, you have other ppl to support you through your pregnancy and just realize that you dont need him and neither does your baby


! - August 19



please - August 20

dont be afraid


brucen - August 20

Do not lie about who the father is, just so he can have a comfy life. He should have thought about that before he lied about being sterile. Most certainly he should have thought of the "what if's" before he "forgot" to mention he was engaged. You should be hurt, its natural to be hurt after some one has lied to you about something so important and then to threaten you! However you need to take responsibility for your actions. You had unprotected s_x with a guy you had not seen for 6 months. You also knew there was at least one other woman. Take care of you for now, but I see a lot of drama in your near future.


Ashley - August 20

well I'm 19 and my boyfriend just broke up with me 2 months ago, said he still loves me but doesn't want a relationship. I know how it feels to be left. I wish you happiness in the future...I'm still trying to find mine


! - September 5

its tough but you have to be real with your self. what do yyou expect himmto do and how doyou expect him to be there focus on you right now


WAS - September 15

just dont blame yourself and star feeling guilty. its a responsibility you both face


me too - September 21

he does sound retarted but i am in the same situation so i can't help you my boyfriend got me pregnant and know he is demanding me to have an abortion because he doesn't want his new girlfriend(who i never i knew about) to find out and i don't know wether to keep it and let it grow up without a dad or have an abortion because he told me to my face that he wasn't going to be the father of this baby! but you shouldn't lie about who the father is because people are going to start asking questionws and then they are going to think you are a hoe so just be honest with everybody.


monay - September 22

I am 20yrs I just found out i was preganant a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes i fell down because it seems as if i'm doing this all by myself the baby's father to me to have an abortion. But, i don't believe in that no sense. He never ask me how i am doing or never checks up on me. It's like he's blaming me for the whole thing. Sometimes he says thing's that just isn't neccessary also he just moved in with a new roommate. I as if he only have time for hisself not me no matter what goes down I still fell as if i care about him alot but i also don't want to be with nobody that doesn't even care what I'm going through. I remember him once telling me that if it was just anytime but now it would be alright be me i can't prodict things, things just happen. What really gets on my nerves when sometimes he's alright about but sometimes he is also not he ask me twice for an abortion. What should I do I'm clueless right now because I don't no whether i should stay with him or not.



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