My Boyfriend Left Me And Hurt Me Babdly Emotionally

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jammiec - September 19

ok so my botfriend left me yesterday. i have known him for almost 8 years and never thought hed be the one to hurt me like he did. he hurt me more in 3 hours than ive evre been hurt in 22 yrs. i went for a visit to see him after not seeing or talking to him for a few yrs and before i went we talked about the stronge possibility that id become pregnant because i was ovulating when i got there and he said he ws ready to have a baby and had wanted one with since he first met me we were thrilled about the possibilty it would happen since we had lost one when we first met due to stress i was going through and being so young. welll then i get home from the trip and had a doc appt and found out that i did indeed get pregnant while i was there as in the second day i was there and now here i am 7 wks and he said he thinks it would be better to just have an abortion now because its bad timing even though we talked about it before hand and he knows im completely against abortion and he had the nerve to say its acceptable because the baby isnt fully alive. ive heard the heartbeat how is that not fully alive i said so he said he cant do it so im doing it alone since im keeping the baby. wtf!!!!! im emotionally torn up and i dont know what to do i really love this man and have since i first met him and i really want us to be a family i feel so lost and alone and confused.


Grandpa Viv - September 20

Sympathy, Jammie. Your love made you throw caution to the wind. Is it possible he has an on-again off-again romantic interest close to home? You have made the one important decision already. Now you must share with your friends and build up a circle of support. It will be difficult, but I suggest you do not pester him with calls. He will inevitably call at least once or twice before the baby is born - who can put out of their mind the fact that they have a child out there someplace? Make sure you have enough information to keep track of him for child support. Best of luck!


jammiec - September 27

just an update he finally came around now he is completely redy to be daddy he has even told his father and is telling his mother this week!!!! i am very proud of him and the way he stepped up to the plate he also gave a sincere apology for how he behaved.


pregnant_single - October 8

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