My Boyfriend Makes Me Sad

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~S~ - June 29

Lori, How far along are you?? I had on and off spotting up until I was about 3 months. Some days it was heavier than others and some days, it was consistant, but just very light. My Dr. told me not to worry, unless it was accompanied by strong cramps. It turns out that I was experiencing implantation bleeding, but my Dr. also told me that some ladies actually spot through out their entire pregnancy and some only spot during the time when they would have gotten their period. Don't worry too much about it, but definitly see your Dr. He/she might send you for an ultrasound. Good luck! I believe your baby is a blessing.


Karin - June 30

Hi, I relate somehow to your situation. It has some shades of similarities. Last Sunday I've found out he has been cheating on me during my pregnancy and abortion period. His lover came to my house in his presence to disclose everything. I thanked her for it. Now I feel glad that I did what I did. I really felt love for him and would have accepted the baby if I had had support...obviously he was under coercion because of his lover, father, etc. no wonder he never made a decision. Now, however, he wants to come back because he says he has really made a decision. Now I do not believe him that there is no baby...and he could still have his lover around. What a sick man he is!


Lori - July 8

I wanted to let u guys know that so far everything is going fine with the baby. I haven't had anymore bleeding. I don't know if it was stress or something else. I've decided that whatever happens happens. I love my boyfriend but I'm not going to base my life around him and what he decides to do. If he wants to be here for me and OUR baby then wonderful but if he doesn't then it's his lose not mine. I'll just have to take care of this beautiful little baby on my own somehow. I would much rather do it with him though. Anyway, I just want to thank all of u guys for being so sweet and giving me advise and telling me ur stories. U R all strong women and I wish u all wonderful lives. Pray and be strong. And Karin, I think ur a strong woman and I hope everything in ur life turns out for the best. And none of us deserve to be cheated on. There are men out there that don't cheat and we just need to find them. God bless u all and be strong.


Karin - July 9

In reply to many of you, even Lori, I want to tell you that after the abortion, my boyfriend came back in our relationship all supportive of me, wanting to move in with me, pay the costs of the ab (as opposed to his father), he even cut ties with his father...and then 3 days after that his LOVER came to my house to pick him up and disclose the whole relationship they have been having during my short pregnancy and ab broke my world appart. I got shocked, did not believe him anymore...practically it ended up our relationship. He is not sure what he wants anymore, he had chosen me over her, but still has not cut it up with I think this is it. I am trying to date other guys and forget about him.Well, I am going to see him only briefly since he promised to pay for my abortion...but I think he does not deserve me...he has been a psychopath and a perverse with me.



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