My Fiance Left Me Pregnant With A One Year Old Daughter

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Jen - March 31

I am beginning to become an emotional wreck and I am not sure what to do. My ex- fiance says that his life has been miserable since our one-year old daughter has been born because I love her too much and don't care about his needs anymore. I assume he means s_x since it has dwindled to every 4-7 days - but I work 40-60 hours a week, his laundry is always done, his meals are prepared and his daughter is happy/healthy so I am not sure what the problem is. He told me last week that he doesn't love me and the house is in his name and I need to leave. I have just settled into a small apartment with my daughter and have not talked to him until yesterday when my doctor told me I was pregnant. Perhaps I shouldn't have told him, when I did, he began yelling that I was in a bad emotional state and in no condition to be having a baby - I should seriously consider getting rid of it. I told him that I could not do that and he claimed I was trying to manipulate him into coming back to me. I think he is selfish and insensitive, and when I told him this, he told me that I am unfit because I have been so sad for the past few weeks and my daughter shouldn't see me cry so much. He told me that if I did have this baby, he would make certain he was in control of everything that happened in both our daughter's and our unborn child's lives and there is nothing I could do to stop him. Although he refused to support me either emotionally or financially because he has a new girlfriend and does not want to lose her because of me. I am just so worn out - I know I should take legal action, but I don't know if I can handle a battle like that. Can anyone give me some advice?


MELISSA - March 31



Audrey - March 31

Jen- Your ex-fiance is being selfish. I know the type: you bend over backwards for him but he doesn't appreciate a single thing you do. If the house is actually in his name there's not much you can do about that, but I'd still suggest to see a lawyer to find out what your options are. Don't let this guy try to control your life. Good luck!


Daphne - March 31

Of course you are sad and in an emotional state right now! That is normal for everything you are going through. It won't last though. Things WILL get better. Get a lawyer. If money is tight talk to legal aid. They provide free or low cost services. He has no rights to the baby until it is born anyway so you have some time and even then it is doubtful that he could get full custody of them. The laws just don't favor men in that situation. Hopefully you can lean on family and friends for the emotional support you need right now because he sounds like a jerk who is only making you feel worse. Good luck sweetie. I know you have the strength in you to deal with this on a day by day basis.


Jo - April 14

My son was 1 when my bf left. since then i had 2 more kids. i have raised them by myself until recently when i married my 3rd kid's father. YOU CAN DO IT ON YOUR OWN! its much better to have the jerk out of the picture. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO GET CHILD SUPPORT! dont let him bully you. you will be so glad if you dont abort this baby. that is your child.


bebe75 - April 17

o well kick him to the curb you could raise you daughter alone it happens all the time we always are the ones with the pebolmes anyways they leave and then dont care fight for your daughter always everything he says well ignore it because you have alife to live for and its your daughter your not going to be the only single woman with a kid we are the ones who always take care of the children they fall in love with somebody else and the they forget the have a kid the mayority of guys do that almost 80 percent are single mothers



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