My Second Pregnancy Scared

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TigerLily - October 17

I have a 2 year old son, his father left me when I was 5 months along, I got through it, he still to this day wants nothing to do with my son. So now I am pregnant with my second child by my boyfriend. We are together only 5 months. I am 7 weeks along. He says he will be there for me no matter what, i just moved in with him 2 weeks ago, He has still not told me he loves me or anything of that sort. I am so scared he is going to do something like the last one, anyone have this happen to you, or can you give me some advice. Thanks


dew - October 17

Hi Tigerlily, I'm in my last trimester, expecting my first child. Although I haven't had the chance to experience single motherhood, I understand your fear. I've been left in my time of need. The important part is to be sure you don't make one man pay for the actions of another. I also understand what it's like to need love from the father of your child. But if I were you I would appreciate the fact that he hasn't left you hanging like the last guy. Even though he hasn't said he loves you, he did say he would be here for you, and so far he has. I respect that. I think your at an advantage because you have been through the worst once already. You know you can make it if he does leave, but as of today he hasn't. All you can do is appreciate it. Just remember that he isn't the father of your first child and give him a chance. good luck girl!!


[email protected] - October 18

As a woman u have to make sure that you can handle two kids, no man is promised to be there. A person can promise to be there and leave, there are just no guarantees in life u have to know in your heart and mind that you can do this regradless of a man.


~Happy~ - October 18

Your boyfriend seems like a very nice guy, he chose to date you when you had a child already and he accepted your son in his life so I don't see him leaving his own child. I would not worry about the fact you guys haven't said I love you yet, you have only been together 5 months.He might not know how you feel and thats why he hasn't said it! I think you should just talk to him and let each other know exactly how you guys feel about EVERYTHING! Good luck!



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