Nearly 3 Months Pregnant And Alone

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Jessio - November 16

Hi, I am 24 years old and living in one room provided by the council. I am nearly three months pregnant and I feel so alone. My ex boyfriend of three years has demanded that I get an abortion. Before I actually got pregnant he was desperate for a baby, or so I thought. Thinking back I should have realized he did'nt mean it as he is a fantasist and a liar. Only last week he told me he had met someone new and he had feelings for her. He delighted in telling me how different she was to me and how he could'nt believe he'd stayed with me for so long. He then told me that he was not happy that I was carrying his baby and told me I had to get an abortion. I told him that would never happen so he told me that if i did'nt he would take me to court because I would'nt be a fit mum. I have suffered with recurring depression and anxiety but I have always fought to overcome it. The fact that I quit smoking and stopped taking prozac coupled with my hormones means I am finding it very hard not to be angry and bitter. I try not to be for the sake of my baby. I have spoken to people about my situation and I have been assured that there is no way he can take me to court. I know that he is just panicking now and trying to scare me. Also I had to go for an early scan when I was six weeks pregnant because of abdominal pain. I was reassured that this was normal and there was a heartbeat so I was very relieved at this news. My ex who was still my boyfriend at this time tried to make excuses not to go to the scan to see if our baby was o.k. We split up a couple of weeks later. I feel that a child has a right to see their father and should never be deprived of that. But considering my ex's callous behaviour I am not sure what to do as he has no interest in this child whatsoever. Also does he have a right to be at the birth? I'm sorry this is such a long rant, I just had to let off steam and I'd like to know what others would do in my situation.


Terio - November 17

Dear god no, he doesn't have a 'right' to attend the actual birth. That's completely a choice that YOU and only you can make. I've been married to my husband for 11 yrs and I had him step out when I started the pushing process. You absolutely do what YOU want Jessio, but don't have him attend the 'viewing' out of obligation. That should always be up to the one pushing another human being from their body. Good luck girl.


hope-31 - November 18

just curios,i believe we have the right to decide who is in the delivery room but i find it sad that you asked your husband to leave when you baegan pushing your baby out.that seems horrible to me.didnt you want him there for support?i mean i know that seeing your v____a during s_x has to be better than seeing it being stretched to its capacity during birth but if your in a loving marriage he had a right to be there.please dont be upset by my response,its just how i feel.


Mel Page - November 27

Jessio - Hay babe, not to worry there is no way that he's got any right to be in the delivery room, or even in the maternity ward if you dont want him there. And you know what hun, this is gonna sound terrible, but you are better off without a man like that. I'm 7 months pg and also alone, mine was out of choice, because of allot of bad thing happening, and the day I found out that I was pg, I packed my bags and left for the sake of this little life growing inside me.My ittle girl wasnt planned but I cant wait to hold her in my arms. I'm currently staying with my folks and they are giving me such wonderfull support, more then any man could ever give, and I know that I'll be able to give my little girl the best possible life I can give, now that I'm no longer with that awfull man. No matter who the father of your baby is girl, just always remember that it is truelly a miracle and a blessing from God and that God would never have given you this little life if he didn't trust you enough to raise him/her in His name. Your gonna be just fine you'll see. It is very hard to get use to the idea of being a alone parent, but you know what there are millions of woman who do it and so can we. God Bless!! XxxX


anfmom - November 27

He doesnt have to be at the birth with my first the father wasnt (he doesnt want anything to do with my child anyway and now 4 years later still doesnt). Hang in there and just b/c its his baby he can't MAKE you get an abortion. It is hard to be a single mom BUT it is so much easier to do then deal with a rude ex. Im PG again planned after 2 m/c and my BF now broke up with me a few weeks ago so I understand where you are coming from



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