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shellynca2000 - February 24

Hi all. Thanks for reading. So being here I know that i'm not completely alone. I have a daughter who is 16months, I was with her father for only 4months before getting pregnant and when I was 3months preg, he was deployed to iraq, he wrote me a "dear Jane" letter when I was 8months saying he couldn't deal with it. Still not getting child support and he has nothing to do with either one of us. Is actually engaged to someone with 2 children, and wants me to let him go of all responsibilities.....So after that I've felt really hurt. I started dating when Hailey was 5months old. Met someone, he accepted her and we got along alright. He moved a little fast, scared me, we broke up. Got back together but it's been really hard for me to fully let him in...things would get better and then worse. We were both going to therapy for some issues, he has anxiety and depression, me just not sure how to handle stress and irritable. I found out I was preg, again in Nov. I was taking th mini pill religiously. I was shocked, he was sort of excited. We had broken up again right before I found out. Decided to give it another try and really work on ourselves. I felt like he was taking advantage of mine and my mothers generosity for helping him out with money and what not. Plus he just wasn't really there for me and my daughter. He would get down into this funk and kind of distance himself. I asked him to move out until we could both get ourselves in check and really work on US as a couple before baby arrives. Well it's been a month, he stopped therapy and i'm still going and trying accupunture. I got on his case to go and he got p___sed, went to one and decided he wanted to END the relationship for NOW!! I told him if he walks away now, there is no coming back to try and rekindle things. I feel completly betrayed, yet once again by someone who claims to love me so much. he says he needs this time to get his emotional self balanced. I thought that's what we were doing while living apart but still be together??? I'm really confused about what to believe from him. I'm not sure if he's lying to me about even going to therapy, did he meet someone else? WHAT'S GOING ON? All of my friends just advise me to move on, let him be a father but forget about US, I'm really not enjoying being pregnant. Haven't been excited about it since I found out. How do I avoid resenting him and the baby? I know it's not the babys fault. And it sounds horrible. I thought about getting an abortion but missed my cut off point, plus I don't really believe in it unless your on drugs or you were raped or can't provide for it. How do I get over him leaving???? I want to give this child as much love and attention as I give my daughter, I love her more than anything. I just feel alone yet once again. I gave my daughter my last name and plan on doing the same with this baby, is that wrong?? If he's going to be involved.



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