Need Ideas How To Tell Dd

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New Here - June 8

Ok, I still haven't told my daughter (6 1/2 years old) that I am pregnant but I would like to tell her soon. I'm just not sure how. Other than just sitting her down and telling her, does anyone have any ideas of a cute or creative or memorable way I can tell her? I am hoping that she will be excited but am also scared that she will feel a little bit like "I want to be your only baby" b/c she has been for 6 1/2 years. One of main reasons I even wanted this baby was to be able to give her a sibling and share that experience with her before she gets too old, but now am worried. She does already have a half-brother from her dad and his girlfriend who is 4 months old now and has always been fine with that situation, but she spends most of her time with me and is used to being Momma's #1 and only... I'll welcome any suggestions of how to make it fun and positive for her. THANKS!!


Mommy - June 8

Maybe you can get her a "Number 1 Big Sister" shirt or a picture frame with HER picture in it with a similiar message to put in the babies room. Include her in your pregnancy, maybe even take her to a few appointments for ultrasounds. Good luck and congrats.


LL - June 9

This can be tricky. My situation is a little different because my daughter is 12 and I'm due in July. I've always been a single parent so it's been her and I for the past 12 years and I was so unsure of her reaction. When I first told her she cried and was pretty upset by the idea. She's since become a lot better with it, but I'm pretty sure I'll be dealing with a lot of jealousy issues from her once the baby arrives. She already makes comments about not being my special one any longer because now I'll have to share my love between two kids. I've just tried to rea__sure her in everyway that she's still my special first baby. I've also tried to keep her involved with the pregnancy, when she wants to be. She went with me to my ultrasound appointment when we found out she’s having a baby brother so she got to see him on the monitor. I've also let her pick out his first name, with my approval of course, but I think that made her feel pretty special as well. I was truly upset by her initial reaction because I never wanted to hurt her or make her feel less important to me because I'm having another child. I think it's a struggle I will most likely continue to deal with but I'm sure it will be okay in time. Her father and his wife have 3 children so she has 3 half siblings that she's always been fine with and loves a great deal, but like you said it's totally different when mommy is doing it because they live with us full time and it's always just been the two of us up until now. With your daughter being younger hopefully she will be excited and take the news better than mine did. Not much advice but I wanted to share my story with you. God luck! Everything will turn out fine in the end.


abazarni - June 12

I told my almost 6 years old son and he was thrilled. Just do it in a positive tone like it is a great thing to happen. That way you might convince yourself also what a wonderful event it is. Why do we women let these men make us feel down, like we did something wrong. Its their wrong doing. If you want to read my story its under Pregnant by a Married man



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