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Terra6marrow - January 1

Hi, I'm currently in the process of a divorce and going on six months pregnant with my son. I am getting sole custody of the child and the father (my soon to be ex husband) plans to move to another state shortly after my son is born. I currently live in Ca, and that is where all our paperwork is being done in. The father has on multiple occasions said if i could not be responsible and support my son that he would agree to giving him up to adoption, the first time he actually suggested it that later said the above. I do not and will not do this though. The issue I'm having is that I want to give my son my maiden name for his surname. The father, seeing I am keeping the child, will not agree to him having any last name except his own. When my son is born we will still under Ca laws be married for about two more weeks as well. If i cannot get him to agree to giving my son my maiden name is the situation basically mute at that point then? Or is there anything else I can do to make it so I can give my son my maiden name instead of his fathers last name?


Grandpa Viv - January 1

A legal question, not medical. Google "california change name birth certificate" suggests that you can later have a new birth certificate issued. You need to find out if both parents have to agree to the name change, or if sole custody will give you that right alone. This sounds like a man well left behind. Being cool with adoption, but insisting on his name if you keep the baby feels like he is trying to punish you. Perhaps if you pretend to acquiesce with his demand, you will have an opportunity to get the birth certificate made out the way you want it. Can you sign in to the hospital with your maiden name. Will you have the opportunity to say "divorced" when asked. Does the birth certificate have to be completed immediately, ot can it be delayed by a couple of weeks? Do you have your own lawyer for the divorce? Will legal aid help? Now is the time for research. Good luck!



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