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supportforyou - April 4

Hey, how is everyone?? I am here to help and listen. If you need someone to talk to about anything or just need to vent (or get something off your chest) feel free to email me: [email protected] I will always be here for you!! I will never let you down!! Good luck


supportforyou - April 7

anyone need support??


bump!! - April 19



BEWARE - April 19

BEWARE:This lady works for an adoption agency and is just here to look for girls who are giving up their babies.


WOW - April 20

How do you know that? I am not surprised there are people like that here.


supportforyou - April 29

To BEWARE: i am not looking for girls who are giving up their babies. I am here to give any1 support. I promise.


BEWARE - April 29

I know because she contacted me personally. And she lied to me about who she was.


laura - May 25

Hello. I am 3 months pregnant and i dont seem to be eating very well. I feel sick every morning and i get constant headaches. Is this a sign that something may be wrong. I dont know how to tell my parents because my boyfriend is 8 years older than me. what should i do?


April - May 25

Hey.. laura... don't feel bad about the age.. that shouldn't matter to your family. My mom is 16 years younger than my dad. haha. As for the not eating well, are you feeling really stressed out? or having any morning sickness still? I haven't had an appet_te my whole entire pregnancy (I'm 32 weeks). Most of it is due to my ex being an a__s and stressing me out. I am just usually to upset to eat. If you get so you don't feel like eating, go to the store and get some boost or ensure. That's what my doctor told me to do. The chocolate ones taste like melted chocolate milkshakes. They're not bad at all, and they're good for adding a lot of nutrition to your diet. I would just call your doctor for any concerns you have. I'm sure they can ease your mind greatly. I know my doctors always do, and they would rather have you call when you think something's wrong then wait and have everything get worse. Also... telling your family might ease a lot of stress if you have any. I know I felt 100% better after I told my mom. She's been there to help me with my concerns ever since! I love her! and if you (or anyone else for that matter) needs someone to talk to... just email me at [email protected] I promise I'm not trying to adopt anyone's baby haha since I'm 32 weeks pregnant myself... just if anyone emails me... put "PREGNANT" in the subject line.. I get a LOT of junk mail... and don't want to miss your email. I hope you feel better hun and good luck with your baby.


confused : ( - June 6

Im so confused right now, i was drunk and i slept with this guy, now im pregnant and everyone found out and is been different i seem to be losing my best friends...what should i do!? HELP


supportforyou - June 7

confuse- how are you?? Everything is going to be okay!!! How far along are you?? If you need to chat with me 1 on 1 feel free to email me!! I would love to chat with you!! Good luck!!



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