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JJ - December 6

before i took a test i dreampt for about 4 night that i was pregnant. now every night i either have nightmares or really vivid dreams. is anyone else having this too? I've not slept properly for ages. :-(


CNoel - December 6

Before I found out about being pregnant, I had a dream that God came to me and said I could have a baby with the guy I was dating, that it was my choice, but that the father would leave and never be involved. Sure enough, two months later I found out I was three months pregnant, and the father left and refuses to talk to me or be involved. A few days after that I had another dream and it was the whole God coming to me again, and He said that I would be having a boy- name him Gabriel I found out at my ultrasounds it surely is a boy! So yeah dreams can be crazy! But I have also dreamed of being a millionaire and have yet to accomplish that! So don't worry about the bad dreams either...


Anne - December 7

Ok so the dreams are so normal to be having. Listen to this, I can watch a movie with a cute guy in it and at some point that night I have amazing s_x with them. I know that sounds weird but I asked my doctor. They are so vivid. So i saw that movie Closer with Jude Law- well let me just say, we are really close now....get...haha..just kidding. Either way they are totally normal. oh and to CNoel, I wish God would tell me what I was having. Best of luck


Danielle - January 23

I've been having dreams too and I usually wake up after only sleeping for a couple hours with my heart beating out of my chest. Then it takes me at least an hour to fall asleep. Plus I have a puppy that has to get up like twice a night to go to the bathroom. All I can say is that you'll get used to not sleeping right. Also, I was having dreams that I was pregnant before I found out too but I think it was just because my period was late and I was always thinking about it. P.S. CNoel - I wish God would tell me what to name my kid in a dream. You're either very lucky or very crazy.


Keri - February 21

I had a dream last month that I was pregnant, before I even knew I was! I found out two days ago I was for real. I didn't even remember that dream until reading these posts, and then it came back to me! One of my friends even had a dream last month that I was pregnant too!! Are we psychic or what?



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