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maura - May 4

so i am preg my so called man has a babys mamma claims he was never w/ her. treating me like shit doesn't call wont, ever since i told him i am preg. it has been 2mnthes now every once in a while he will call just to chk in, well i got fed up especially w/ my hormones being preg, i called the babys mamma phone and asked for him and that was it she said he was not there and conver. finished, i believe there is big drama now going on because he has called me and told me don't call my f*** phone no more, i want to make this guys life a living h__l is it really worth it, i mean i realize he is a loser, i know i am allright i have a good job, and can support my self any advice?? now i am worried he is going to flip everthing and not pay any child support.


April - May 4

don't make his life a living hell... just stay out of it... what goes around comes around.. and he WILL get his in the end without you having to even do anything. In the mean time you don't want to do anything that would make you look like an unfit mother... so just sit back and wait for the fireworks... as for him not paying child support... LEGALLY he HAS to pay child support. call domestic relations... they will tell you everything you need to know. If he denies he is the father they will MAKE him take a paternity test, and when that proves that he is, they will MAKE him pay child support. Most likely they will take the money right out of his paycheck and he won't even see it. So don't worry. You will be just fine. :)


~S~ - May 4

I really think you should stay out of it. Going out of your way to make his life a living hell will only prove to him and others that you're just as much as a loser as he was or still is. I'm not calling you a loser, but you will be one, if you stoop down to his level. Just walk away, be the better person in this, if you do that, things will work in your favor. Also, if you want the father to pay child support and such, or to be apart of your childs life at some point in time, then you'd be ruining your chances if you try to go after him like an angry teenage girl. Just know he's a loser and just know you deserve better and leave it at that.



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