One Night Stand

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SingleandScared - October 23

I am 39, I have been dating someone on and off for 5-6 months, we broke up for about a month during which time I ended up pregnant with a one night stands baby, he is 29, I have made an attempt to call him with no response, At this point i feel i could do this on my own, but how much does he "have a right to know?" The second questions i have is how do I tell my very religious family this is how i conceived. They will assume its the guy i have been dating who they have met, so I have to explain its not his, then follow up with WHAT?? I was thinking of telling them i had artificial insemination. Any thoughts?


Baliezer - October 25

I would lie. Some things families are not to supportive with, and this is one of them. I imagine that if you told them the truth, there would be lot's of talking behind your back. I don't think they could ever look at your child without seeing a sin. I would also find out all you can on artificial insimination so you have a good story. Good luck!


kay101 - October 25

I wouldn't lie because what if he comes into the picture later and wants to see his child? The artificail insemination story wouldn't work. Maybe stretching the truth would be better. Something like the man you were dating left you, you were lonely, hurt, and upset and along comes what you think is prince charming and he only turns out to be worse. You fall for him fast in an attempt to fill the void caused by losing the other man, and he dissapears after the first time you sleep with when you thought he truely cared about you. Try to drum up some sympathy if you aren't comfortable telling them exactly what happened.


ShoppingForTwo - October 29

THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREEEE!! Just tell the truth, they will get over it. My grandmother is a Jehovah's Witness and my cousin got pregnant by a VERY older family friend by aone night stand. At first my grandmother was disaapointed and upset. But she got over it. Her daughter is now 2 months old and she is about to go back to school and work and who is going to be the number one baby sitter? GREAT GRANDMA IS!! Yay! Kay101 has a good point, sympathy will help a lot. Maybe that is the truth and you won't be stretching it. Artifical ins____ntaion? Bad bad bad idea! They are going to wonder why you didn't tell them before hand, where you went, what the guy was like you picked (well what info his chart said) why you picked him. Lies tend to grow and grow and grow. You don't want to have to research that stuff so you can have good lies, its just going to be a huge web. What if the father decides to be in the childs life? Then what? What about when your child is older? What will he/she think? What if your family mentions that it him/her? Are you going to lie to your baby as well? Just my opinion. Good luck.



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