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PJ - December 14

Ladies, I am very confused about acknowledgement of paterntiy doc_ments and filling out Birth Certificate... When is this done and by whom? If father is not present, can I put his name on Birth Cert? What about Paternity Papers? Thanks !


Missy - December 14

If the father is not present during birth his name will not be placed on the birth certificate. You can file for paternity within the court system. The court will make him come in for a paternity test. This is the procedure in the United States. The birth certificate is done before the child leaves the hospital. They will ask you to choose a name before you leave. I have no idea what a paternity paper is.


jenn - December 14

this is done at the hospital, after the baby is born. father doesnt have to be there. yea you can put his name on the doc with or without his permission if its his..they make you fill it out at theospital i think before you leave..


to Missy and Jenn - December 14

Thank you Ladies. Missy, are you positive that they won't put his name on BC unless he is present?? I would like the child to have his last name, do I need his written permission? I think I should contact a lawyer ...


April - December 14

okay.... if the father is not present at birth he can STILL be put on the birth certificate. I know this for a FACT because I didn't even tell my ex that our daughter was born until the day AFTER and they still put him on the birth certificate. He just had to sign it when he came to the hospital to see her. Also, if he signs paternity papers, he will NOT be required to take a paternity test. The paternity and birth certificate papers will both be given to you in the hospital after you have the baby (and most-likely after you rest for a bit). You won't need a lawyer if the father is in agreement with everything. (Meaning he wants to sign the paternity papers and birth certificate)


to April - December 15

April, thank you. I am not sure he will be accomodating as far as paternity papers are concerned. I will put him name on the certificate. On one hand i am leaning twrds waiting and seeing what happens but on the other hand I want to prepared. So i may just seek advice from a lawyer now.


Missy - December 15

Right, even if you are married the father still has to SIGN a waiver stating that it is his biological child. PJ, I a__sumed from your question that the father was not going to be at the hospital at all. You can not just put down anyone's name on the birth certificate unless you are legally married. You can give the child any last name you want. You can give it the last name "Moon" if you so desire. It doesn't matter. You should contact a lawyer. Different states have different procedures. What is your story PJ? Is the father going to the hospital with you? Have you done a walk through at the hospital? They should be able to answer any questions about paternity and birth certificates there. A walk through is generally free and they incourage everyone to take one.


to Missy - December 15

MIssy, thanks for your reply. No, I have not done a walk through the hospital. I work here (administration) and just figured I didn't need. I know what our Labor and Delivery and Postpartum floors are like. :) I am not sure whether he'll be in the hospital but am a__suming he is not. I feel awkward asking questions about paternity policy here b/c I work here... I don't want too many people to know my personal life. I guess I have to hire an attorney.


depends - December 16

it depends on where you are. in australia. you can put the fathers name on it but u cant sign it. they send a letter out later asking you to sign and if you dont the details will remain on the registry, and if you wont to contest the paternity you can ask for a test, and of course if a positive result comes in then they will keep the details on there. I know this because we have just been through it. my bfs ex put his details down on her childs birth certificate, he got the letter, contested it, and negative results where returned! its sorta weird that we as women could put whoever's name we wanted on the certificate at the time of birth!!! good luck. you probnly dont need a lawyer, but u may feel more comfortable discussing it with them so you know exactly where you stand!


My answer - December 27

I am in Washington State and just helped my sister through her labor and hospital stay. It's true that you can give the baby any last name you want... it doesn't even have to be yours or the father's. Paternity acknowledgement papers are signed at the hospital and are geared towards couples that are together, but not married. These can also be signed by the father, if he is willing. They basically say that he knows he's the father, does not need a paternity test, and takes responsibility for the baby. If these papers are signed, then his name would automatically go on the birth certificate. If you are married when you give birth, your husband's name is automatically put on the birth certificate.


Jenn - December 28

If there is no father present do they ask who the father is? or can u just say father unknown?


Layla - December 28

In Texas, you cannot list the father on the BC unless he is present and agrees to sign the acknowledgment of paternity. However, you may give the child any name you choose, including his last name. The name has nothing to do with him, it is your choice as the parent. If you decide not have him listed on the BC, you may still file for paternity through the court to get child support and all of that. Hope this helps, it vaires by state, your best bet is to contact a family law attorney (most will offer advice for free) or to call the hospital and ask them.


PJ - December 28

To all who responded, thank you. This was very helpful.


cicka - September 14

hi everyone, i have a similar question, i have a boyfriend and we're due any day now, i'm also legally married to a man who left me years ago (i filed for divorce months ago but didn't get the final judgment yet), we live in ny and we're not sure as how to fill out the doc_ments in the hospital, we appreciate all your feedback


tyler0323 - September 14

right now your what, legal seperated waiting for the divorce to finalize? What are the questions you need to answer. Answer honestly about you and the babies dad. It shouldnt have anything to do with the divorce.



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