Paternity Testing

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danalu - May 16

Does anyone know or have experience with paternity testing?? Should I have it done in a hospital, will it cost more this way?? Do any insurance companies cover this kind of stuff?? Or should I find a trusted, accredited place to do the mouth swab testing, which runs about $250? How does all of this affect the birth certificate situation?? My current boyfrined just wants to be sure its his - becasue if it is - it would have happened the first time we were together - and I had dated someone off/on before him, but do not remember if i was with him or not in the time period just see I didnt find out I was pregnant until I was 20 weeks - makes it hard to remember back that far...any input would be greatly appreciated - thanks a million..


Been There - May 16

I'm pretty sure insurance doesn't cover it. I'm not sure if you would be able to tell or not, but sometimes when a baby is born, you can see right away who the father is. My daughters both came out looking just their father. Not a thing like me. I think it's natures way of proving paternity sometimes. Not that he doubted at all because we knew for sure, but even if he had been silly enough to do so, everyone would have laughed at him. There was no denying. Anyway, maybe you'll luck out and there will be no doubt. If not, you can probably find a lab to do the testing. I've only known of people who were sent because of the child support court. So they help them find a lab. Good luck and I hope it turns out to be your boyfriend's. It sounds like he wants to be there.


April - May 16

I had to have a paternity test done. My ex just needed to know without a doubt that our baby was his. I wasn't worried about it because I'd only been with him. I made him pay for it though. If you're going for child support and no paternity form has been signed, I believe that domestic relations will pay for it. That might be something you'd want to check into


sara b - May 17

domestic relations made my daughter's dad pay for the test when I went for child support. I think it was $150. We split the cost with the agreement that I would pay him back his half if she wasn't his (which I knew she was). I wish you the best.



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