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Drea - November 8

I am having my first baby in July and I am not sure what to do. I need some advice about reducing stretch marks, sleeping well and losing the weight after having my baby.


Krissy25 - November 8

There are some creams and lotions out there that claim to reduce or prevent streach marks. Some women swear by them while others claim they don't do a thing. I did not use any of these kind of lotions, i put some regular mostiurizer on every once and a while and i did not get 1 streach mark but i believe it has more to to with genes than anything, my mom didn't get them either. As far as sleeping well that can be hard, lots of pillows help. There are some pillows out there designed for pregnant women. I kept one between my legs and under my belly for support. My biggest problem was heartburn so i also kept Tums by my bed side and a gla__s of water. As far as losing weight, be active. Find a good stroller and take walks and be healthy and active during your pregnancy to prevent too much weight gain. Good luck, i'm sure other moms will come on here and give some good advice too. If you don't get too many responces try the infant care forum as pretty much all of the women have had babies.


kay101 - November 9

Some women get stretch marks, some don't. It all depends on how much weight you gain and where. By using cocoa b___ter, shea b___ter, or vitamin e, you can help increase your skins elasticity a bit. To sleep well, they say it's best to sleep on your left side, don't sleep on your back because it causes your uterus to press on an artery, try taking a warm bath or reading a book before laying down, just do something relaxing. Depending on your body, you might not need to do a lot of exercising after you have the baby. The main thing you will probably need help with is your stomach. Crunches, sit up, core stregnthening.


anfmom - November 27

Strech marks: look at your mom and your gmom do they have them? If no then you should be fine unless you are having like triplets or something SM are genetic. But creams help with that ichy growin belly! (stopped to itch mine lol) Sleeping try getting a body pillow. Eat really good while you are PG so you dont gain extra weight. After the baby eat goiod and excise when you can!


xvkx - November 27

Stretch marks are genetic, but some times can be prevented through the use of creams/lotions... it mostly depends on how quickly and well your skin heals, and if your skin is predisposed to have a hard time with all the stretching you can try to help it out by giving it some extra moisture/nutrition, i.e. creams/lotions. If you're going to use one it's best to start as soon as your skin starts to stretch (believe me, you'll know when it does!) and apply twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. There are a lot of expensive "tummy b___ters" out there but most of them don't have anything you won't find in a good lotion/body cream. I myself use Skin Milk body cream which only runs about $5-$6 for a 16oz. jar. A good cream/lotion will have a variety of vitamins in it (key ones being e, a, and d), and also possibly other ingredients such as protein, collagen, etc. Keep up the use until your skin goes back to its normal tautness and there's no signs of stretch marks (after baby). Oh, btw, a good way to tell if you are prone to stretch marks is by how easily you scar (which is all a stretch mark is to begin with). If you scar easily... you're probably going to be prone to stretch marks. As for sleeping well - get a body pillow! A maternity pillow (a body pillow specially designed for pregnancy that you can utilize in different sleeping positions to elevate various parts of your body) is even better. If you're worried about the size there's one called the Sleeper Keeper mini that's put out by Leachco that is small but does the job perfectly. I'd say pick up one of these when you're around 13-15 weeks (sooner if you start having issues sleeping before then). Losing weight shouldn't be a problem as long as you stay active during and after the pregnancy... just make sure you don't start anything new during the pregnancy that you weren't doing before, and pay attention to your body and slow down if you need to.



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