Please Help Me Who S The Baby Dady

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chmiller25 - January 31

Ok, so I'm 14w3d pregnant, due July 30. I dont remember my last period. I had s_x with my only other sons dad (Leo) on October 13-14th. That was it. Then on the 27th of October I had met this guy (Jesse) but didnt have s_x with him till like the 3rd of Nov. and have only been with him since. The doctor Said I concieved the 24th but I didnt have s_x then. I'm so confused. I'm am almost sure it is Jesse's but I'm not 100% sure. Could it be Leo's?


Skyeblue - February 1

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do not mention people's names here,espcially in such a messed up situaiton. Let the poor guys have some dignity. Does it really matter who the father is!?!? 1) Tell both of them what you did 2) get a DNA test either during pregnancy or after birth 3) and....well, good luck, you will need it! Having s_x with 2 guys so close together and getting pregnant would "confuse" anyone, even us readers!!!


apr - February 1

I'm probably going to get bashed for saying this, but what I really hate is posts like this. How can you have s_x with 2 people in such a short time? Did you know that you can get diseases from that? If I were you I'd go and get tested first.


chmiller25 - February 1

You know, instead of judging others and criticizing the decisions they have made, why can’t we help each other? Unless you are perfect, we have ALL made mistakes and now have to live with the consequences. Some of these people that come and post there questions online, don’t have people they can go to for help or advice. In addition, pregnant women are going though rough hormone changes and sometimes need a second opinion and encouragement that either way, it is going to be ok. You never know if this is there last hope for reaching out before they give up with everything including themselves. It seams so much easier to condemn someone for a mistake that was made than to offer a word of encouragement.


mommybabyboy21 - February 1

chmiller I for your first question It could be leo's but I think it more than likely's Jesse's. The reason being is my dr told me the u/s conseption date could be off by about 3 days...therefor if your partner was out of town that day it doesn't mean you cheated. So If we do the give or take three days rule you have Oct 24 to Nov 1 and Nov 3 is way closer then Oct. 13-14. to those dates. of course there is always the slim chance that its Leos but my gut and knowledge says Jesse. I hope that helps and good luck. :-)


BklynMama - February 6

I was in this situation a loooong time ago so to avoid walking around not knowing who my babies daddy was i had an abortion. I am pregnant now & I have two different due dates almost 1wk 1 1/2 apart. According to my sonogram I concieved one date & accoeding to my lmp I concieved another date & didnt have s_x on either date.....thank god i have been faithful in my relationship...or i would be screwed! So 2 answer your question I would not try to guess the baby father & go by dates, also sperm can travel in your body for about 7days or 10 not sure) before you even become pregnant.


Rhiannon - February 9

Having unprotected s_x is not a mistake chmiller25, it's pure stupidity.


ChattyKathy - February 9

Honestly, do you really think someone can be identified by JUST a first name? Whats with giving them "dignity" anyway, its not like they're going to be called a "whore" or anything. She's not degrading them, she's making it easier to keep track of who's who. Honestly "guy #1" and "guy #2" just sounds retarded. And secondly, we didn't make it to these boards because we were the safest people in the world, so stop griping at each other and show some support. Thats what you're here for. chmiller, sometimes dates can be off by a few days. I'm going with Jesse... Oops. Sorry, "guy #2".


ashley613 - February 10

I have been told no doctor can tell you the exact conception date. Did you have s_x w/ Leo or Jesse closer to the conception date? I am in a simular situation.


adrieyen - March 27

hi..please tell me what did you do to to have a decision right now??i have the same situation as you are and i have conceived last november..what i did was i chose one of the guy to take the responsibility whom my heart desire and who would really take care of my baby.not the guy who told me to have an abortion coz the other one did..i dont like to have a DNA test because im scared.and i dont want my boyfriend would know that im having second thoughts on him..since his really thinking he is the only friends said my decision was right and how lucky i am that the guy really is there for me though im scared to death when the baby comes..


jbjc85 - March 27

Ch Miller I just wanted to tell you to keep your head up. I am in the same situation and I am 5 weeks pregnant but I told both guys and plan on getting a paternity test. I got down on myself and was worried about what people would think but you know what who cares what people think no one is in the position to judge anyone only God is. Do that and do get a STD tease as well as a safety for you and your child. Keep your head up this thing was not made to break you but make you stronger.


slowpoke01 - March 30

i put your due date in on conception calcuator on frankly calcultor and it says likely day of conception was november the 6th. so i would say that it was jesses. ADRIEYEN-you could go there and put your due date or the first day of you last period in and push calculate and it will tell you the most likely day. remember that it is just an estimate and in no way is 100%. if you want 100% then get a dna test. good luck


kady - April 9

I don't think anyone on here should be judging anyone we are all here to help each other.Things happen and as far as I'm concerned it could happen to anyone we are not perfect.i wish you all the best I hope everything works out well.


tommy^wifey - April 30

I AGREE WITH KADY. we are here to help and not judge them , well chmiller wish uu all the best.. hmms. if u are sure is not jesse baby den it will be leo. dun worry, dun think too much dun give urself depression, brace up! everything is a wonderful .


slowpoke01 - April 30

chmiller25-i would say that it is jesses baby. dont worry about what others on here say, you did what you did and there is nothing you can do about it now. if youa re happy about this pregnancy and you can support the child, i say thats great. dont worry about others judging you, because we have all done things at one time or another that we arent completely proud of. i would say no way that it is leo's. also BKLYN'sMOM-sperm can not live inside you for 7 to 10 days. 3 to 5 is the max that sperm can live inside you. ADRIEYEN-it is best to come clean with what happened because later on down the road he may find out that you knew there was a chance he wasnt the father and never told him and he may feel that you did this just to tie him down and he will resent you for that and may even leave you and the baby. just be honest with him.


suze42 - May 3

Chmiller, not everyone here judges! I wish you luck as you sort this are for sure not the first or only in this situatuion...Its easy to fall back on old loves, (leo) while trying to move on to new love...and no birth control is 100pct you cant be too hard on yourself. Just learn from it and move on. Good luck w/your pregnancy.


Wellis10 - May 9

I know that sperm can only live inside you for a max of 3 days. So if you leos sperm would havce died by 16-17th of October. I would say it is Jesse's by 90%. Unless your pregnancy is more far along then you think.



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