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Whitney - November 23

I am 13 weeks and I never loved my baby's father. I only dated him for about 3 weeks. I broke up with him because I saw no future for us. No need to waste his time or mine if I wasn't feeling it. I ended up starting to work things out with my ex boyfriend whom I do love very much only to find out I was pregnant with the other guys baby a few weeks later. My ex said he would support me in my time of need and be there for me regardless because I am his best friend wether the baby is his or not. I felt so much better. I wasn't scared and alone anymore. That lasted about 1 day. Now he is M.I.A. as is the bio father. I've been sick as a dog and feel alone and as if someone has died. The coming holidays are making it worse. I need someone to talk to or hear from that feels the same. I'm trying my hardest to be angry instead of hurt but I can't do it. Somebody please talk to me. I can't take this anymore.


single mother - November 23

first don't stress yourself to much bad for the baby next try to understand he could of thought he could deal with it and then reality hit him, i say give it time talk to friends and family keep yourself thats the best thing to do. I know its very hard during the holidays i was five months last year this time and alone, yet this year has just been great now for the rest of my life i have my baby girl and i could never feel alone again keep your head up. good luck


dew - November 23

Thanks for the advise on being alone for Thanksgiving. I know how you feel about being alone for the holidays. It's probably harder for you because your in the beginning of your pregnancy. I was a wreck in the beginning. But once you know what your having and can begin to prepare for the baby your feelings will change. The hardest thing to do is to get used to being alone while your pregnant. I think it's against nature to be alone during this time, if this was meant to be, women wouldn't need men to get pregnant. It may be against nature and every bone in your body, but it is possible and it does get better. I'm almost 9 months now, I have good and bad days but more good than bad now. You just have to wait out the pain. Cry when ever you feel like it, be sad when ever you feel like it. I know people say not to stress when your pregnant, but crying is you body and minds way of letting out stress. I believe it's more harmful to hold in your emotions. besides, I would feel so relieved and usually sleepy after I cried. Time will continue to pa__s and you will become closer to your baby as you get farther along and begin to show (I love my belly). The best advise I can give you is to let out your emotions and get as much sleep as possible. When you are feeling really down, write your baby a letter. Talk to it about life without telling it everything your going through, let your baby learn from your mistakes. I'm not saying your baby is a mistake but there is a lesson in every situation. I used my situation to talk to my baby about when to let go. I'm sure you can find a lesson in your situation. If you need to talk my email is [email protected] I wish you the best.


tiffany - December 1

Im 17 weeks along, and im single too. We are in similar situations, i realized the same thing, only it was about 2 months into my relationship. He isnt around either, and i definately agree with dew on this one. I found out that im having a boy, and my belly is starting to pooch out a little. Its gets easier. I know im not much farther along than you are, but now that im starting to be "more pregnant", things are less hard for me, and more exciting!! Its ok to cry, its actually good for you (like dew said!!). I cry alot, and i also keep a journal, but i never thought to write a letter to the baby. That is a really good idea !!! (thanks!) Good luck



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