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Scared - August 9

I live in San Diego CA and before I got pregnant I was know to take a hit of marijuana here and there maybe 3 to 4 hits per night, every other night...after the kids are in bed. HOWEVER when I found out I was pregnant I stoped!! I am currently 14 weeks pregnant. I had my bloodwork done about 4 weeks ago saw my OBGYN today and he says to me... "Your drug screen came back positive for marijuana" I was shocked... it had been about 3 weeks since I used before my bloodwork.. and i hardly smoked, I thought I would have been clean by then, so I told him the truth, "Dr. that was before I found out I was pregnant, I quit when I found out" and that was the end of the topic... MY question is DOES HE HAVE TO REPORT THIS TO CPS??? SHOULD HE HAVE DISCLOSED TO ME THAT HE IS GOING TO REPORT IT IF HE IS?? I have been a patient of his for 8 years he delivered my last 2 children and I have never had a positive drug test during any of my pregnancies or deliveries. If he does report it can any one share their experience with me as to how it turned out? Does anyone know the answer or am I just being paranoid? I want what is best for my baby that is why i quit as soon as I found out.


Anne - August 10

I don't know if he HAS too, but he should. Why would you do drugs when you have kids????


Scared - August 10

First of all, it was JUST pot, I suffer from anxiety and because you can not take xanex my regular medication(for anxiety) if you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant (it causes birth defects) I chose a drug mj to help with my anxiety instead. I stopped as soon as I found out I was pregnant, and I only smoked AFTER the children were in bed for the night or away for the weekend.


colleen - August 12

I don't think he legally could unless (and I don't know) it is required if you are receiving some sort of government aid. Why did he even give you a drug test?


- August 12

it take really up to 3 months to clear out ur system


colleen - August 12

Also, I am not saying to smoke but there is NO proof that smoking pot during pregnancy will harm your child.


Scared - August 13

I am recieving state funded medical insurance so I am sure that is why he ran the test, it is the only state aide i am recieving... and like i said I STOPPED as soon as i found out I was pregnant and it was a once and a while habit anyway when i had anxiety attacks... now I just get though them with breathing excersises. Thank you for all you answer I appricate the info and comments


- August 13

just be careful i have a friend, her husband brought pot in there house. she called the cops on him, and they both got the kids taken away from them.. she has them back, but just be careful



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